Everyone want to look their best every day, but during the holidays there is a little more pressure to have a holly jolly Christmas – all while looking marvelous.  With all of the extra tasks and sometimes not so good for us food, the holidays can take their toll on our skin.  So, I was on the lookout for something different to try this year for that holiday glow and I discovered Onyx Youth Magnet Mask – a holiday mask that works like holiday magic.

After a friend mentioned this new product to me, I dug a little deeper and discovered that the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask magnet mask is made in Korea and is a result of Korean beauty trends and science that has been proven to work. In case you did not know Korean beauty is always in front of the trends and discoveries that take a few years to get to the US.  I always look to their products to see what is coming next in the world of beauty.

How does it work? Onyx is so powerful that the iron-rich formula is removed with a powerful magnet that lifts impurities and rejuvenates skin. Sounds easy right? ….It is easy!!!!

Here is my experience – First, I was super excited when it arrived in such a great box, so that I can store it under my sink to quickly use it over and over again.  The packing alone made me feel glamorous.

Next came the remarkable container that holds the mask – the lid flips up to aid in your coordination when applying.  No trying to twist the lid on with possibly limited use of hands – just flip it done when done.

This mask could not be easier –

  1. Use the mask twice a week, morning or night.
  2. Using the spatula, spread a think layer over a clean face avoiding the eye area.
  3. Leave on for 5-10 minutes
  4. Wrap the Magic Effector tool with the effector head cover provided and glide over the entire face, hovering over the skin’s surface until the mask is completely removed.
  5. Massage any remaining product into the skin for maximum benefits.
  6. Do not use water to remove.

There you go – your skin will be transformed in minutes.  See the photos below.  I was so excited about the results, I felt like a bit of holiday decorating. To begin I just did one side of my face and afterwards I was amazed at how hydrated that side was compared to the dry flaky skin on the side I had not yet used the magnetic mask.  Again I cannot stress how easy it was to complete.  So easy, I would give this as a gift even to someone who had never used a mask before.

So, if you too want healthier younger looking skin for the holidays or any time look no further than Onyx Youth Magnet Mask. This revolutionary products uses the power of magnets to life away impurities, refine pores and brighten the look of your skin.

This holiday mask is full of volcanic ash and botanical oils along with magnet fibers. If you want to know more you can see all the other amazing ingredients in a list here. 

We all work so hard during the holiday season, let the Onyx Youth Magnet Mask work hard for you and keep you radiant! Follow Onyx Youth on Facebook so you too can experience this remarkable glow.




This product was given to me as a sponsored post, but these are my thoughts and remarks honestly about the product.