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How often do you start to plan a trip by the rise and fall of the sun?  I know I do! With the new daylight saving time in my state it is even worse.  It can be completely dark by the time workers leave at 5:00pm.  Don’t get me started about those dark nights heading to your children’s soccer practices and other events.  What if you could find a way around the dark or better yet find a way to get around in the dark? Night Drivers glasses will do just that for you.  Are you ready to become a lover of all hours of the day?

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On a recent lovely evening out with one of my BFF’s, we were leaving a Ladies Night Out event downtown, as we were leaving she mentioned my horrid vision when driving in the dark. I assured her that I would be fine since I knew my way very well in this area.  No sooner than that come out of my mouth, a huge light and glare appeared as we approached the huge contrast between the night and night construction on the interstate. I was night blind for a moment…….

…..the next night I had to head to the same area of town – but this time I was prepared.  I remembered the Night Drivers by Foster Grant that was sent to me for review. Wow what a difference they made.  All glare from regular headlights coming my way were gone.  No more was I afraid of the dark and night driving.

The big test came as I approached the night repairs on the interstate.  I hesitated and headed that way. As I approached there was such a difference than the night before.  I could see the road and any obstructions so much easier. Their unique yellow lens enhances contrast. Also the anti-reflective coating blocked the glare from the other headlights. You can be assured that the lens technology passes global traffic light standards.


Night Drivers by Foster Grand = more contrast, less glare. Wow what a relief!

The day following, I did not have the usual eye strain that I feel after night driving. So the benefits even continued the next day and when I was not even wearing the glasses.

Night driving can be dangerous and Night Driving glasses by Foster Grant can be your solution. 

In the future, I will not have to schedule my life with the rise and fall of the sun.  My handy Night Drivers by Foster Grant will be forever in my bag!

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