Tonight is the annual charity event called Ladies’ Night Out held at EdVenture’s in Columbia, SC. After I finally decided what I was wearing tonight – my Chico’s Traveler Collection outfit, now my mind turned to – what kind of shape is my face in today! Well with no time for a facial today, my thoughts turned to one of the most results-oriented facials I have received in a while – a reZENerate facial at Spa 131 on State Street  – which is extremely close to EdVenture.  How great would it have been if I could have recreated my day there recently for one of the best facials Columbia for my event tonight.

Let me tell you a bit more about the ReZenerate NanoFacial at Spa 131. This facial is a groundbreaking new product that utilizes breakthroughs in innovative nano technology.  Just like the tiny bubbles in the Oxygen Beauty Spa – this technology allows for the smallest of serum particles to enter your skin to get deep where significant change can happen. My Esthetician Marci Delaney was great at giving me all the details about my facial, so I understood how it worked on my skin.  Your skin too needs the nourishing SkinScript serums she mixed for my spa treatment.

Another reason to pick this type of facial is that it requires no down time.  Also if you desire, it can be a quick lunch-time type of facial too.

After my relaxing facial, spending time in the spa lounge was my priority.  I was treated to a secret stash of tea that Marci has there – which can only be found once a year. I am not going to give out her secret here – you must visit the spa for a treatment to discover it for yourself!

On the way home, I could already see the plumpness of my skin in the rear-view mirror. This type of facial continues to nourish your skin for days after the actual facial.  I just adore a hard working spa treatment.  Schedule your next facial to uplift your day and give you the confidence you deserve today!

“ReZenerate stands for a replacement of lost confidence that unleashes a person’s beauty both inside and out”




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