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Festival Glam Rock Afternoon Tea @ K West Hotel & Spa

Admit it – these days even a calm day can seem hectic. In this is a hectic world we all need to find a relief and if that can be economical all the better. Taking time for activities with wellness benefits is a great way to get away from that multi-tasking day from texting to unloading the dishwasher to even handling the schedule of others from dogs to kids!  We never take enough time for ourselves – some “Me” time. Often there is not time or funds to take a spa day, so where should one turn? I say it is time to discover the wellness benefits of Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon tea relaxes your body, mind and soul. It also replenishes your body, mind and soul in addition to numerous other health benefits.  Research has been conducted and it is true – Afternoon Tea has many advantages. A Journal of Clinical Nutrition upholds these studies.  Tea is also a fluid and can help with your hydration. Adding additional fluids to your body is essential to health. Some say tea is as good for you as water. It has been said that certain teas also aid your protection from heart disease, many cancers and other ailments.

What type of tea do you enjoy? Never fear – all types have been said they are beneficial – green, black, while and even oolong.

Here are some other benefits to taking afternoon tea. It can clear arteries, inflammation, kill viruses, aid in burning calories, and help your teeth.

For me, afternoon tea is such a lovely way to take a break from life whether you do it on your own front porch or at a lovely hotel like K West Hotel & Spa.  This place has been on my list to stay at while in London for many years.  Every one of their photos has me checking my calendar to see when I can make flights. Take a look at their specialty tea event – Festival Glam Rock Afternoon Tea – nothing has looked more enticing to me lately.

Where have you enjoyed afternoon tea lately? What is your favorite type of tea?