We have all been there – you know that feeling – when hungry turns to hangry. This term is even listed in the dictionary these days and means then your hunger causes one to be bad-tempered or angry.  Well I know a product that can help with that feeling.  It is the Nature Valley XL Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar. Wow, I found it just today right beside the regular Nature Valley bars.  You know the saying – “Don’t go to the grocery store hungry” – well my hungry was rising up so when I saw these – I grabbed them and tossed them in my buggy. These bars are 50% larger than their other bars, so I knew they would do the trick.  See my cute boomerang here on Instagram below:


Look what I found next to my regular Nature Valley Bars at @walmart! Nature Valley XL Protein Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bars fuel me and satisfy my hunger! #NatureValley #sponsored #boomerang #walmart #fuel #energy #satisfy #satisfylife #food

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Have you ever run your grocery cart into any one at the store? Well, that is what I did after I left the Nature Valley aisle.  I decided that the bars looked so good even just sitting in my cart that surely my kids would love them too. My teens really need the larger side to take them through the long school days.  Yes – Back to School is almost here! These 50% bigger bars would work for more than snacktime.  They could be breakfast, lunch or even dinner on those over-scheduled days.

What kind would your kids enjoy? They have many varieties like Nature Valley XL Protein Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bars, Nature Valley XL Sweet & Salty Chocolate Nut & Seed Chewy Granola Bars and many others.  Sweet and Salty called my name and the granola ones seemed perfect for my kids. Take a look below at all the varieties.

So Summary Time – Nature Valley XL Bars help to fuel your body and satisfy your hunger. These bars are great for big kids and teens as an easy go-to for snacks and breakfast! If you are always looking for ways to keep your teen or yourself full this is the bar for you!

Question – Do you struggle with keeping your kids full throughout the day? Comment below and feel free to tweet me your answer too!

How do you keep your kids full? #NatureValley @Walmart