How do you choose where you will travel next?  Many things are involved such as your childhood dreams, your vacation days or your Instagram feed.  Once you have narrowed it down to location comes the biggest decision of all – where should I stay?
There are many ways to decide where to stay.  You could just draw a name out of a hat..sorry just joking.  I myself analyze all the information I can from friends, online and just about anywhere I can find great data.
Recently, I discovered that Hawaii was one of the few states my husband had not visited during his lifetime.  The travel writer in me got inspired. I made a list of all the states he had yet to visit and guess what.  Hawaii made it to the top of our list.
Next the luxury gal in me went to the internet to research reviews of all the resorts in Hawaii.  I used Travelocity reviews for my initial research.  Then I went on to the hotel’s website for additional information.  Did you know that many websites like Travelocity offer you Customer First Guarantees?  Just another way to relax on your hard earned vacation.
After all that work (I really love the research) – my top pick was Koloa Landing Resort. Why?  Not only was it the top rated resort online.  It was also in the Autograph Collection.
Marriott has an exclusive group of hotels and resorts that they deem The Autograph Collection.  They do not place that title on just any of their accommodations – only those hotels that are extraordinary make it on the list. The ways they can make the list can be the normal way of top hospitality or an unconventional way – such as the best food in the region.
With the knowledge that an Autograph Collection would not let me down, I was ready to book! Who would not want to visit a unique exquisite hotel which feeds your own passion to travel through their design and decor.
Oh there is one little thing I forgot to mention.  The Koloa Landing Resort offers their guest amazing accommodations! Take a look at a list of their villas.  Somehow when I stay in a villa, I feel like I belong to the region.  One can relax and unwind as if they were never going to have to leave the oasis they have arrived.
This resort also offers a luxury spa (see more information below), two swimming pools, two hot tubs and a twenty-four hour fitness center.  If you need to take along the kids, they also have a children’s pool.
Food on site varies from coffee shoppes, to cafes, snack bars, delis and more formal dining options. Grab one of the famous cocktails and then enjoy some divine food.
Well you did not think I was going to leave you without more details on my favorite spot at most all resorts – the luxury spa.  Here you can truly escape your day to day life in a world class setting.  Let them pamper you with their island hospitality.  The spa theme is based on the island and woven into the treatments there too.  They have numerous individual treatment rooms and couple’s treatment rooms (perfect for a couple’s massage). Some treatment rooms come with a private lanai.
What has me the most excited about a visit to the Koloa Landing Resort? Their spa has the island’s only Japanese Ofuro soaking tub.  Yes, I am almost certain that stands for pure paradise!