Everyone in my house knows which water bottles are the best to stay hydrated, so I always kinda hide my Simple Modern Ascent one way in the back of the cabinet.  Recently, I decided to get my entire family one in each of their fave colors, so there would be no mistaking if someone has their own. Keep reading to the end for a little secret of mine when it comes to colors.  My current one is bright green like the lovely spring colors I found in Asheville this weekend.  The others are still on order, but I know my daughter who is headed off to college will adore hers with not only the school colors but the school crest on it too. If you want to order one for your college bound student or yourself try this code on Amazon for the style you see in my photos.  They have a variety of colors for every school.
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Not sure why you should get one for yourself or others?  Check this out – I headed out on a 2 1/2 hour trip in a hot car and when I arrived I still had cool refreshing filtered water in mine that I had placed in my Ascent bottle almost 4 hours earlier.  They work to keep your drink cold for 24 hours, so I could have used it even the next day.  For those coffee and warm drink lovers, you can depend on it keeping your drink warm for up to 8 hours.  That is just amazing!

Taking my Simple Modern Ascent Water Bottle on a walk to the spa at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Ashveille, NC.

Okay can you keep a secret?  Really can you? I have a Cherry Red one hidden in the hall closet! I want to pull it out when I want to switch it up…or be real – when one of my family members swipes mine since they work so well.

The excellent quality and the great price has me shopping for one to match all of my workout outfits when I hit the gym.  Which of course are almost all pink! Just how fashion forward will I appear with my Cotton Candy Pink Ascent model?

Take a look here to see which color is perfect just for YOU!