Spring brings the renewal of flowers, leaves and many baby animals – so why not renew your spring wardrobe essentials too!  Entourage has been the perfect place for me and my daughter to feel refreshed for our springtime activities.  Yes I said springtime?  Here it was already over 80 degrees this week – so we did have a preview of spring along with pollen and daffodils too! So here are a few amazing spring wardrobe essentials for your new spring wardrobe!

Check out this St. Patrick’s Day tank top that I just adore and only $15!

My main tip is to check out Entourage Clothing & Gifts and amazing boutique brand founded by fashionista, philanthropist and entrepreneur Katie Nichols. Entourage has now grown to include nine retail locations throughout the southeast with special presence at SEC colleges and universities. We adore the one near the University of South Carolina on Lady Street.

Dedicated and inclusive to all women, Entourage strives to provide a welcoming and fun shopping experience without an expensive price tag. With all products $42 or less, Entourage Clothing & Gifts allows every woman to build her wardrobe and express herself without breaking the bank. Always a good thing!

The BEST PART – each Entourage store gets to know the local community by getting involved in philanthropic events and donating more than 10 percent of profits to local charities and organizations. 

Check out some of their looks modeled by my daughter Alexis Grace Stritt

(represented by JW Models)