Wow – it seems like I am always packing to go somewhere from Cancun to Grandma’s.  I have decided that I am going to leave a few items in my pink Delsey Suitcase so I always have my favorite things when I travel already pre-loaded. Packing tips are always important for a smooth trip.

To begin with it was on a pair of okaB sandals and of course my best bathing suit along with the cover-up.  Then I started to think about what one really would miss if they got to their Spring Break locations and found that they did not have it along for the ride.  So after the sandals and bathing suit, I came up with two more spring break essentials to pack for your plans.

The first is your styling brushes.  When I travel I have to have my own brush that is the one my hair behave for when styling.  Here is the one I have been using lately and it is a definite essential for my hair.

What does one need more than a good brush for tangles when they have been in the water or beach wind – try the Tangle Buster Brush from KareCo.  My entire family has been reaching for this brush! BUT I have the Thermal Round Brush all to myself! It goes everywhere with me and is my number one hair styling product!

Next is also a must for a beach vacation – especially for those family size condos which never have enough towels.  To be comfortable on the beach – one must have the perfect towel.  We all know that I am a luxury gal, so comfort is a must.  I have become addicted to this towel. The Tillow  is the most convenient and comfortable solution to your beach-related concerns and desires. A true day of leisure is one without worry and The Tillow has got you covered.

Let me lay it out for you (ha-ha). This contoured foam pillow is perfect for maximum cranium comfort. The pillow is removable for laundering and sealed with water and mildew-resistant lining – an important touch for me.  I just hate mildew, this this non-mildew aspect makse it a very quality pillow. PLUS a camouflaged and water-resistant storage pocket that’s safe from, water, sand and curious strangers. AND WOW a touch screen window designed for your media device so you can switch songs, compile playlists and send messages without risk of damage. Camouflaged and headphone friendly.