One of the most troublesome parts of our faces that is hardest to manage is the area around our eyes. Because the skin here is so thin and sensitive, it is the most susceptible to changes, especially as a result of aging. That’s why things like crow’s feet, bags, and dark circles are so common around the eyes, and that’s also what makes them the most significant indicator of getting older. At TimelessHA, we understand your frustration when trying to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, so we have you covered.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Usually, lack of sleep will be cited as the main reason for this to happen, but that’s not really true. The dark patches are a result of blood vessels dilating around your eyes, causing more blood to pool in the area. While sleep can affect this, it’s usually oversleeping that is the problem, or putting too much pressure on your eyes while you sleep (lying on your stomach or face).

Another cause of dark circles can be allergies and nasal congestion, as these will dilate the blood vessels as well.

How to Get Rid of Eye Circles

So what can you do to get rid of these when they occur? Well, most people think that a skin lightening cream will do the trick, but we at TimelessHA beg to differ. For the most part, these creams are not designed for around the eye as they have harsh chemicals that can bleach your skin and cause irritation. Most skin lightening creams will do more harm than good, so you shouldn’t necessarily reach for them when you have this problem.

Skin Lightening vs. Dark Circle Eye Cream

Fortunately, one of the Timeless anti-aging serums is a product that is specifically designed for dark eye circles and won’t do any damage to your skin in the process. Unlike skin lighteners, this cream will help clear up the circles while moisturizing and revitalizing the skin. It’s always best to go for targeted products when your eyes are on the line.

Along with dark eye circle cream, be sure to check out TimelessHA’s ferulic acid serum, which helps protect your skin from sun damage and aging. Within no time, you’ll look younger and feel like you’ve shaved years off of your life.




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