Zeqr is a new global knowledge hub.

There is a change in the world and the time is now. Knowledge is with you at your fingertips. The knowledge of the world can come to you right there in your own home. No – I am not merely speaking of the internet but of a new global knowledge hub named Zeqr!

Zeqr is going to change how knowledge is exchanged on a global level, leading to a better informed and more knowledgeable world.

Need an Expert?

If you need an expert – Zeqr is here for you. As the new owner of global knowledge Zeqr is ready to change the world in the way people people across the world exchange information. Zeqr allows experts around the world in absolutely any field the ability to create custom classes and directly deliver their knowledge to you via one-to-one live video sessions to those seeking their own knowledge and advice.

Are You an Expert?

Are you an expert? Zeqr gives you – the experts the opportunity to offer their own personalized knowledge and educational learning experiences – all while setting their own personal custom schedule and to set prices. How’s that for a pretty great way to develop a new source of an income stream.

Zeqr can help experts develop a new source of income!

Start for Yourself

Zeqr is unique because there are no other platforms offering peer-to-peer, real-time sessions and courses along with service offerings. You will find no better way for this type of knowledge sharing. Get an account of your own today whether you seek knowledge or have some to share.

Zeqr’s mission is to become a vehicle for real-time exchange of knowledge and information. Visit Zeqr for the knowledge you deserve today!

Examples of the type of knowledge you can find on Zeqr

How to make a hotel room review video by me!

How to generate press for your business.

How to land your first TEDX talk

How to style a photo shoot

How to earn media exposurefor your brand

How to be an inclusive leader

What can you share?!?!?!

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