Do you #KnowYourYougurt? Many times these days multiple yogurt brands are saying they are natural, but what does that really mean? When I get hungry yogurt is one of those quick items to reach for when you may have waited a bit too long to plan your snack. So in these times, one also does not have time to read labels. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew each and every time you reached you could trust what you just grabbed? I know many of you who ask about this often.

Well guess what? You spoke and Danno listens. Dannon’s pledge to increase naturality in their yogurt products means more natural, non-GMO ingredients and whole milk, more sustainable agriculture, and more label transparency in response to their customers requests. Isn’t it great when things work the way they should

You Spoke and Dannon Listened

Well that is how I fell in love with Dannon yogurt and their pledge to naturality. I love to eat natural and I know many of you do too. It is part of our wellness journey and a healthy lifestyle.

How did Dannon come up with their farm to cup idea. YOU – yes I said it again YOU. I adore a company that listens and reacts to their customers needs.  Well they would not a company if they did not have customers like YOU.

So there is a lot more that goes behind their pledge and let me tell you more.

First here is their complete Pledge:

● We Pledge: Naturality – Fewer, more natural and Non-GMO Ingredients

● We Pledge Sustainable Agriculture – Work with Farmers we Know

● We Pledge Transparency y – Label presence whether product contains GMOs or Non-GMO ingredients

They also pledge this about their Dannon Whole Milk Yogurt:

● Made with Whole Milk

● All Natural Ingredients with Vitamin D

● Non-GMO Ingredients

● Available in 11 delicious flavors (Strawberry, Blueberry, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla, Mixed Berry, Raspberry, Cherry, Orange Cream, Key Lime, Strawberry Kiwi)

● Affordable price: Average unit price $0.55

I adore that price:)

They are also committed about the fermentation and lactose with their yogurt. Without getting to educational – it all means that you will be able to digest the yogurt better.

What aspect of the pledge am I the most excited about?

They pledge Naturality which means fewer, non-synthetic, more natural and Non-GMO. Also their ingredients plans are to use milk from cows fed Non-GMO feed. The best is their pedge to work toward sustainable agriculture by working directly with farmers they know to improve soil health, water usage, biodiversity, and animal welfare. I am all about animal welfare.  Also they pledge to disclose information on presence of Non-GMOs regardless of government regulations.  Isn’t that just great!

I am proud of you Dannon!

Check out this link to how they are going to reinvent the dairy process! Go Dannon!

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