Okay we have all seen them.  The beauty box seems to be coming from about anyone these days from your favorite online store to a local mom and pop store. So why did I get so excited about this new beauty box? Not just because it comes from one of my fave brands, but because it features vegan items. The Slow Beauty Box features the new SpaRitual Vegan Body Collections and items for your own slow beauty practice!

SpaRitual introduces the new Slow Beauty® Box featuring SpaRitual body products, as well as tools to develop a personalized Slow Beauty practice. The box is available for purchase on a bi-annual basis and can be bought separately, or as part of a discounted subscription-based model.

The first box is themed to Spring/Summer and will feature the new limited edition Passionfruit Agave body collection, which is infused with blue agave, Certified Organic goji berry extract and Certified Organic pomegranate extract. The collection includes Nourishing Sugar Scrub, Exfoliating Cleansing Oil, Nourishing Body Soufflé and Nourishing Oil (for Body + Hair). In addition to the complete Passionfruit Agave body collection, the Slow Beauty Box will feature engaging tools to live a Slow Beauty lifestyle, including a mindful coloring book, intention-setting cards, and a meditation door hanger. The second box will be distributed in Fall 2017 and will feature the Fall/Winter SpaRitual limited edition body collection, which has yet to be announced.

“The Slow Beauty Box is a wonderful introduction to the Slow Beauty philosophy, it features self-care tools with our joyful new Passionfruit Agave body collection,” said Shel Pink, SpaRitual and Slow Beauty Founder. “The box features a mix of items to create your own personalized Slow Beauty practice, which could include self-massage, meditation and intention-setting rituals.”

SpaRitual is dedicated to Slow Beauty and creating vegan body and nail care products that nourish the mind, body and spirit, which are also environmentally kind. As with all SpaRitual body products, the Passionfruit Agave collection is formulated using vegan, Certified Organic and Fair Trade ingredients from around the world.

The Slow Beauty Box will be available at SpaRitual.com beginning February 23, 2017. Each box can be purchased separately at full price, or purchase two seasons and receive up to a 33% savings. This season’s box is priced at $140.00.

For more information on SpaRitual, please visit SpaRitual.com or for more information on the Slow Beauty philosophy and to develop your own Slow Beauty practices, visit SlowBeauty.com.