Flying was once considered the height of luxury traveling when a person could relax in their seat and enjoy amenities such as on board drinks and food as they flew to their destination. Now, standard air travel services have begun to squeeze more seats onto each plane while eliminating those perks that made flying feel special just to increase their profits for each flight. Travelers today no longer have to stand for cramped flights and paltry service since private jet charters have put the luxury back into flying. If you’ve never tried luxury traveling, then enjoying these perks for the first time will make it your go-to choice for reaching your destination.

Open Up Your Destination Options
Many people are unaware that many airports are only able to accommodate small airplanes. This means that standard air travel reduces your amount of destination options drastically, and you may be forced to switch planes just to get to certain destinations. Since most cities have small airports, private jets allow you to fly directly to where you want to go without having to micromanage your flight plans.

Increase Your Productivity
Simply being able to fly directly to your destination reduces the amount of time you waste standing in airport security lines and checking your baggage when you have to change flights. With luxury air travel, you never have to wait around since it only takes a few minutes to check your documents and get you on board. Private jets also offer amenities such as being able to host a meeting or give a presentation to your fellow passengers, which means you can get that business trip off on the right foot before you ever touch ground at your destination.

Forget About Baggage Restrictions
Standard air travel has continuously altered baggage restrictions to the point that you may not be able to bring a carry-on with certain ticket prices, and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to carry your favorite cologne or designer shampoo because it doesn’t meet the security requirements. Quit trying to squeeze your toiletries into tiny bottles or worrying about how much you can pack by choosing a private jet charter for your next trip. While there will be a few restrictions in place for baggage, they are far more relaxed than you’ll ever see at standard airlines.

Move About Freely
With luxury air travel, there are a limited number of seats. This allows you to have full control over how much space you have to move around. Are you traveling with family? If so, you know that you will have space to play board games on a table, or enjoy no waiting in line to take your toddler to the restroom. Some private jets even allow you to bring pets on board, which is perfect for when you want to bring everyone along.

Forever Change Your View of Airplane Food
Those tiny pretzel bags are ridiculous, and being forced to eat airplane food when you are traveling overseas is like heating up a microwave dinner. Luxury travel will forever alter your idea of airplane food since you can order what you want. Let your concierge know beforehand about allergies or special diet needs, and they will have a beautiful array of food tailored to your tastes just waiting in the galley.

Private jets were once considered to be reserved only for the extremely wealthy. However, it has become comparable to commercial airline pricing thanks to specials that enable people to take advantage of things such as one-leg flights and straight routes to your destination. When you want to put that extra wow factor into your travel plans, try a luxury plane once, and you will want to do it again.




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