Everyone needs their go-to place and I have definitely found one in downtown Columbia, SC.  With the addition of the Columbia spa Pura to Gervais Street in The Vista, you can be certain all of your needs can be obtained to feel beautifully confident for a night on the town, a day on the lake or an evening out with that special someone.

As soon as one walks in the antique doors of Pura you immediately feel both at ease and relaxed – with just a wee bit of excitement about what you are about to experience. Their decor is divine and definitely well planned. Their spa treatment offerings range from a lunch time facial to medical spa treatments.

During my time there I enjoyed what I consider the most results oriented type of facial offered anywhere in the world – the HydraFacial MD. The award winning HydraFacial MD advances skin health by merging invigorating spa therapies with advanced medical technology.  What this means is that you can get actual results during your lunch hour! After I get a HydraFacial I feel amazing.  I see results from this treatment that one would expect to take at least 6 months, but with the HydraFacial it is only one treatment.  I recommend one at least each quarter of the year.

Another quick fix medical spa treatment is the BBL Laser – it can take years off your face and also do multiple skin techniques.

I can’t say enough about the lovely staff here.  They definitely are sincere in their need to make it a day you will remember.

They also offer some amazing memberships for various products.  Take a look and I bet there is one for you.  The look like amazing deals – I may need one myself!

Will I be back?  Definitely!

Everyone needs to experience wellness in the form of esthetics for themselves. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon – GIVE THE HINT!

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