No one likes the idea of having damaged, broken or missing teeth. The look that it provides can make you feel too embarrassed to smile and have you withdraw from social situations frequently. You have heard that there are solutions available to help you repair and replace broken or missing teeth with dental implants, but you have concerns about having the ability to pay for such a procedure. Many dental procedures can be quite expensive and dental insurance often provides little in the way of coverage, leaving you to ask – can you afford dental implants that dentists in areas like Sarasota offer today?

The Cost of Implants

Dental implants are one of the more expensive dental procedures that you will see available today. This is primarily because it is such specialized work and takes a surgical procedure to complete. The procedure is done by a cosmetic dentist that has experience with this type of work. Since it is thought of primarily as a cosmetic procedure, it is not usually covered by any type of insurance, meaning you will have to pay for the procedure out of your own pocket. Just having one tooth implant can be quite costly and the actual cost, while varying from practice to practice, may be several thousand dollars at the start.

Dealing with the Cost

The price of the procedure should not deter you right away from considering exploring the possibility of dental implants. Getting broken or missing teeth can be very important not just to your oral health but your overall health and your confidence. Missing teeth can lead to other health problems, creating open pathways to your bloodstream for potential infection. Many cosmetic dentists today realize the procedure can be expensive for many patients and have come up with affordable financing options that can help you out. These plans allow you to pay for the procedure in monthly installments or over time so that you do not have to lay out one large amount of money all at once. This allows you to have the procedure done so you can get the implant you need and have the payments staggered over time so it is more affordable to you.

Not everyone is able to get dental implants, so you want to be sure that you see a cosmetic dentist for a full exam, evaluation and consultation so you can determine if you are a viable candidate for a procedure like this. Once your dentist has examined you, you can then discuss the different options that may be available to you, including dental implants, and then explore the payment options your dentist has for you. When you want the assistance of cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota that can provide you with the high quality dental care you need, you want to be sure to visit Simply Smiles Sarasota. Simply Smiles Sarasota can offer you a variety of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures, including dental implants, and will provide you with a free consultation to discuss the issue, costs and any questions you may have.

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