Whether we like it or not, a lot of our travel experiences are surrounded by food.  If you are a foodie this can be a grand time to venture out into the world to see how others dine.  One can even take a culinary cruise these days with celebrity chefs on board.

So if you traveled to somewhere exotic like Singapore what would your dining experience be like?  Would you research before your stay and plan each meal or just go and let your nose (or shall be say taste buds) lead the way?

Well if you are like me there is planning to do before any travel.  So if you are headed to Singapore, here are some of the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore.

One that just sounds yummy is Yum Cha in the Chinatown area of Singapore. It is known as the head place to experience authentic dim sum. You may miss this place unless you get a local to lead you there.  You will find it at the top of a hidden staircase.  The rise to the top just adds to the anticipation of an amazing casual dining experience.

The next one was so good it had to be replicated over and over again. It started back in 1991 and now has many locations across Asia.  It is called the Chrystal Jade Palace, but just because it is a palace does not mean you have to dress up.  It is still casual dining.


If you are a bunch lover as I am, then you are in luck.  The Crystal Jade Kitchen may not have grandma’s biscuits but I bet you won’t miss them after you experience their Dim Sum Sundays.  Think of it as an never-ending brunch buffet in smaller portions of course.

Ready for lunch?  How about lunch with a view?  Then go no further than Hai Tien Lo where the dishes are ranked high as well as are the views.  This meal has to be obtained after a quick ride up exposed glass elevators that whisk you up to the 37th floor. Between courses you can take in the view and see the glory of the city of Singapore.

Now for one of the best dinners in town, we head to Li Bai.  Here one will find very traditional Cantonese food with just a few updates to modernize it.  One of the most sought after entrees is the double-boiled shark cartilage soup along with an order of crab fried rice of course.  Don’t skip their dim sum when in town, since it is always at the top of any foodie’s list of the best around.

My number one pick for accommodations in Singapore during this eating extravaganza would be  The Fullerton Hotel.  Yes the hotel may look classy, but that does not mean you have to don a coat and tie. Just click on the link and see all of the holiday treats they have in store for their guests this festive season. Something I saw that looked like a yule log made me want to get up and decorate a Christmas tree and of course then eat a treat.

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