An underrated destination that you have to see in Australia is Townsville. This stunning coastal city is situated on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. It is also the biggest urban centre in the Sunshine Coast that boasts lovely scenery, action-packed activities, and amazing parks filled with wildlife.

In fact, Townsville is one of the sunniest places in North Queensland. It is blessed with an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, making a perfect holiday destination for you and your family or friends. More so, this vibrant city has a laid-back atmosphere which is ideal for some relaxation and meditation as well.

Once you have decided to spend your vacation here, you will absolutely have a great time. Since it is a less touristy spot, you won’t be worrying about a large crowd anymore. More so, upon your arrival, a reliable car hire in Townsville airport is available. You will be able to get to your desired destinations conveniently and without any stress.

Here are some of the things that you need to do while in the beautiful city of Townsville:


Visit The Strand

Your trip to Townsville won’t be complete without visiting The Strand. This seaside foreshore offers visitors the breathtaking view of the Magnetic Island, Cape Cleveland, and Port of Townsville. You can begin strolling at the marina and all the way up to the esplanade. Then you can stop to unwind and eat along the parklands, making you feel excited like a kid. In addition, don’t miss the chance to buy a scoop or two of the mouth-watering gelato at Juliette’s Gelateria.


Hike to Castle Hill

Going up to the Castle Hill is one of the most rewarding things you can experience while in Townsville. Once at the top, you will be greeted with a fantastic 360-degree views of the entire city. Castle Hill is a suburb of Townsville and at the same time a heritage-listed isolated pink granite monolith. Thus, head over to this hill and discover its numerous walking tracks as well.


Go to the markets

If you happen to spend a weekend at Townsville, then make sure to go to the markets. Every Saturday morning, the North Shore Markets have you sorted with a plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. In case you need to treat yourself to something locally made or delectable, Willows Rotary Markets and Cotters Markets on Sundays have everything from sealable glass containers and carefully assembled jewellery to Belgium crepes. Additionally, you can visit the night markets at The Strand starting from May to December each year.


Watch movies at a drive-in

Apparently, Townsville has a knack for doing old-fashioned things. You can still watch movies at Tors Drive-In Cinema, one of the longest running and oldest drive-in theatres in Queensland. It is certainly worth the one and a half hour drive to catch classic movies or the most recent blockbuster, especially their costs are incredibly cheap.

Indeed, Townsville is a great holiday destination where you can spend some time to loosen up and bond with your loved ones. Simply take into consideration these suggestions mentioned above and you will surely enjoy your ultimate Townsville trip.