There can be all kinds of reasons that you end up with missing teeth as an adult. Even if you take the best care of your teeth, brushing and flossing regularly and seeing your dentist all of the time, something can happen to you that can cause a tooth or teeth to become damaged or missing. All it takes is having one accident where something occurs to your mouth for something to happen. For some people, missing teeth can be the result of a medical condition they are experiencing or medications they are taking. For others it may just be the result of aging. Whatever the cause of your missing teeth, you are likely going to want to do something about it. If you find you have a missing tooth in Watford, there are a number of good reasons to fix it, including:

  • Proper Mouth Function – Even just having one missing tooth can cause you great difficulties when it comes to your mouth working the way it should. Depending on the location of the missing tooth you may find that you have a great deal of difficulty chewing your food. This can make eating a nearly impossible or unpleasant experience for you. Missing teeth can also affect the way you talk. If the tooth is in the front of your mouth it will affect the way you form words and speak, altering your speech. Getting the teeth fixed can help prevent both of these incidences for you.


  • Prevent Further Damage – Many people do not realise that when they have a missing tooth and leave it for a long period of time they can end up causing further damage to the surrounding teeth, leading to even further tooth loss. When you are missing a tooth it can cause your teeth to become misaligned, and it may fail to distribute the proper pressure you need for eating, chewing, drinking and speaking. This can start to cause other problems for the rest of your teeth and potentially damage them as well.
  • Feel and Look Better – When you are missing teeth you are naturally not going to feel your best in several ways. You will not have the physical look you want so that you smile and laugh regularly because you feel self-conscious about your teeth. You also will likely not feel good because your mouth and teeth may ache regularly because of the discomfort you are feeling. This will influence your mood all of the time. You will also know you do not look your best with damaged teeth, further hurting your self-esteem.

In order to take the steps necessary to fix missing teeth, you are going to want to see a cosmetic dentist Watford has available today. In order to fix missing teeth, Watford dentists like Novocare Dental are perfect for your needs. Dr. Oke can examine you and determine what the best steps are for you to take to help replace your missing teeth and restore your confidence.