If you’re looking for a place to move your family, but don’t want to expose your kids to the noise of the metro, yet not actually cut them off from the city life, then there’s few places that can match the city of Ryde, New South Wales.

Come take the ride with us as we discover why Ryde should be your next home.

Spectacular mix of people and activities. This might seem like an eclectic blend, but with the combination of traditional family size apartments and homes, Ryde has a great mix of carefree students, relaxed retirees, and pram-pushing moms and dads. The diversity here is truly in a full swing, which means your neighbours could turn out to be of Australian ancestry or Chinese or English.

Like its residents, you’ll notice that the lifestyle in Ryde is also varied with a plethora of activities to choose from. The Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre was home to the 2000 Sydney Olympics water polo and is currently a favourite venue enjoyed by the whole community – not just for swimming, but also indoor soccer, basketball, and more!

It’s all in Ryde! Shopping centres, casual eateries, parks, bowling club, parks, etc. Now, did you know that rapper Iggy Azalea was a resident here? She was born in Ryde Hospital.


A great heritage and continuous innovation. As the third-oldest settlement in NSW next to Sydney and Parramatta, Ryde and its heritage listed buildings have a story to tell. Surrounded by great infrastructure and peppered by all conveniences, Ryde is the perfect location for your family. There’s easy access for everything, so it’s clear why many consider relocating here.

The city of Ryde has also recently updated its website. It has a section where Ryde’s four dedicated hot spots link directly to the Council’s key services and consultation hub. You’ll be able to quickly locate information about the Aquatic Centre, Libraries and Environment and have your say on key topics that affect you.

There are also multiple events that happen in Ryde almost every week, so you and your family are sure to find things to see and experience. You’ll feel right at home here in no time, that’s for sure.


Homes that fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re searching the suburbs for a period home to renovate and make your own, a single bedroom apartment as your first ever purchase, or even a multi-level mansion with pool and tennis court, Ryde has it on offer.

No matter the era, style or condition of the home you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it in Ryde. Contact a real estate agent in Ryde to assist you in acquiring the best possible deal, arrange for a site tour, and to expedite the home-buying process.

The top three lifestyles of people living in Ryde includes those with maturing and established independence, independent youth, and lastly, established families and couples.

Demands for homes in Ryde are incredibly high since everything a family could want living in the metropolitan Australia is available here without leaving your postcode. Schools, shopping centres, cinemas, vets, pools, libraries, and recreation centre.

So, what are you waiting for? Tell the whole family now and seal the deal.





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Thank you Ryde for sponsoring Spa Travel Gal.