When one thinks of Perth Australia we think of amazing once in a lifetime experiences. In a country as vast as Australia the list is very vast and extensive plus as varied as the come. Western Australia along with the regions near Perth are full of experiences to place on your Goblet List (a list of luxury experiences that can be completed over and over again). From cruises to spa treatments there is definitely something for everyone.

Here is my list of luxury experiences near Perth that must be experience either once in a lifetime or over and over again.

Glamping – Who doesn’t want to rough it in a glamous test and feel like they are truly camping in the wild? Glamping in this region take it to a new level much more luxurious than what one usually sees in the southwest of the U.S.

Cruise – Cruising the Kimberly is a place one can really find some Zen.  The crystal smooth waters make cruising an entirely different event than the open sea.

Spa Day – Spa treatments here take on new meaning with local lore weaved into each spa treatment. One gets a ceremonial feel with a luxury touch at most spa here. Try a spa at one of the best hotels in Perth.

Horse Riding – With tons of ranches in the region, horses are a must for getting around on the acreage.  That is way it is a favorite pastime of locals.  Horses here are also know to be an activity at many resorts and spas.  Check out this equine experience.

Celebrity Life – Find of the areas 5 star hotels and live it up like a celebrity. Check in and relax with a glass of champagne or your favorite beverage. You may even realize that you are rubbing shoulder with actual celebrities!

Luxury Shopping – No one said that shopping had to be expensive.  Luxury window shopping can be so satisfying and still easy on the pocket book.  You can try on some gorgeous gowns and snap a few photos then place them back on the hangers.  Save those funds for those amazing evenings out on the town.

Soak Up Sun – With such an expansive amount of coastline, this is a not-to-miss activity.  Take a day to just flop on the beach for a day along with a good book.  The only reason to get up would be for a seashell hunt, a cold one or a quick impromptu game of beach volleyball.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!