It is tempting to pack the kitchen sink when traveling. Depending on where you are going you may need to pack for different weather conditions, activities, and events. But do your research before you leave and pack light, that way you avoid extra charges and have plenty of room for picking up souvenirs on your travels. Below are a few handy tips to get you packing light.

Pick Your Bag Carefully

Think about the type of suitcase you will need. If you have a small suitcase or bag, then you are less likely to over pack. Also, it’s very important to have a light bag if you are checking it in, do it doesn’t take too much of your weight allowance. Get a suitcase or bag that opens fully, so you can actually see what you are putting into it.

Research The Weather

This is an obvious one but a vital one. Check what the weather forecast will be like and chose your clothes accordingly. If the weather is sunny then pack light clothes and wash them while you are away, clothes will dry quickly in Warm weather.

Shoes Are Heavy

Try to limit the amount if shoes you are packing up to 2 pairs. Wear the heaviest pair traveling and pack the other. Think about what type of activities you will be doing? If you are just lying on the beach, then you will more than likely need just one pair of sandals. If you will be sightseeing then you will need comfortable, durable shoes and you should wear these traveling.

Don’t Over Do The Amount Of Toiletries You Will Need

Over packing toiletries is a big traveling mistake. They are heavy, messy and take up so much space in your bag. Research the country you are traveling to and see how much it costs to buy what you need there. Just pack travel size toiletries to get you through the first day and buy everything else when you get there.

Send Your Items Home

If you over do the shopping while abroad instead of getting charged for oversized baggage why chose to send your items home via parcel courier instead. Take advantage of websites like Shiply where you can connect with couriers who are already making similar trips.


Over-packing is a big mistake to make when traveling, so be smart and leave the kitchen sink at home!

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