Different sports appeal to all kinds of different people. Even today where football still reigns supreme in the UK, there are people that love diversity in their sports. One of the sports that has stood the test of time and still remains immensely popular today is horse racing. Going to the horse races is one of those grand events that you can make an entire special day of, enjoying the different races, seeing then horses and making the most of your time at the track itself. If you are thinking about spending a day or two enjoying the horse races then you want to make sure you look for cheap hotels near Newbury Racecourse.

Newbury has the Fame and History

The races at Newbury Racecourse are among the most famous in all of the UK. The course has been open for over 100 years now and maintains the high popularity that it has always had. Newbury is the home to the famous Hennessy Gold Cup, which takes place each year in the latter part of November and draws thousands of people to the area. While there are great races there throughout the year, this is often thought of as one of the true highlights as it is one of the most prestigious races in the UK for the year. The racecourse itself has a lot to offer besides seeing the races, with beautiful grounds for you to walk and some of the finest dining that you will find anywhere. All of that certainly makes it worthwhile for you to seek a hotel in this area so you can spend a few days enjoying all that the racecourse has to offer.

Choosing the Right Place to Stay

When you are looking for an accommodation in Reading to keep you near to the racecourse you want to make sure that you choose a place that is going to fit all of the needs you may have. You want a place that has a good location so you are near to the track, but you also want a hotel that has nice grounds of its own. Look for a hotel that has a variety of different room sizes for you to choose from so you can be sure to get the comfortable accommodations that are just right for you and anyone else you may be traveling with. Make sure the hotel has all of the amenities you might want the most, including things like Wi-Fi Internet access, en-suite bathroom facilities, comfortable bedding and more.

If you want to spend some fun-filled days at the races in Newbury then you want to be sure to look at the hotels in Newbury and select the Best Western West Grange Hotel as the place to stay. The Best Western West Grange Hotel has everything you are looking for in a quality hotel in the area and the hotel is just two miles away from Newbury Racecourse so you can be close to all of the fun and action.

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