8b4ad8a79114e5e050b46098dc69d904-2Summer is a great time for moving. The main thing is not to choose a very hot day with no rain. But life is unpredictable: sometimes you have to move in winter. What should you pay attention to at this time of the year?

Moving in winter is not as rare phenomenon as it seems. Of course, in most cases, to change home or to move to a new office is better in summer, in warm weather. It is not always possible to guess with the time. Some persons delay with paperwork, someone cannot find a suitable option for a long time or save the required amount of money. And some people specially plan to move in winter so as not to suffer from the heat under the scorching sun, do not be distracted by the cares about vacations, to have enough time to transport belongings and get used to a new place. And New Year can be used for this purpose. Yes, moving in a cold season has its advantages. And to avoid unpleasant surprises, you should take into account some special features. That all professional movers know and can help you avoid them. “Virginia Movers” is the best interstate moving company and ready to offer its services all the year running.

  • Black ice. It is unpleasant itself, but when you move in winter, it is even worse. If you are going to carry things on your car, prepare it properly, change the winter tires. Be extremely cautious. Pack fragile items with care – sharp braking on a slippery road cannot be excluded. And everyone can slip and lose balance on the ice when carrying boxes.
  • At low temperatures, a conventional tape can let you down – you need a special one which is cold resistant. Place several layers of packaging (paper, cardboard, air bubble tape, fabric) on the objects that are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • It’s not dirt! It would seem great to put all the things and boxes at relatively pure snow in the yard and quietly load the car. But do not give in to the temptation and remember – the snow melts. It will surely turn into water as soon as gets in a warm place. For example, in the interior of the vehicle. But the charm of moist boxes you will appreciate when unloading: they will tear, your clothes will get dirty. Yes, and the goods that they contain, may suffer.
  • This is the most valuable and the most important thing a man can have. And even when you carry the things you cannot forget about it. Do not jump out “for a moment, for a box” outdoors in a T-shirt. But do not put on a lot of clothes: in the apartment and the stairwell it is warm in a fur coat and a hat, so you will sweat quickly. Prepare appropriate clothes in advance – there should be something in between.
  • Live load. For delicate houseplants, winter moving is an ordeal. They need special protection from frost and wind, from possible mechanical damage. Experienced growers are building entire frame structures made of wire, fabric, tape for their green friends. Take care about your pets too. Bring them in a warm cabin together with the owners to reduce stress from the change of location. Read more Winter Moving Tips or here Tips for Moving in Winter.