There is no secret that every single passenger flying to Las Vegas dies to become a star and come to the city of sins on a private plane. Very frequently people believe that private plane to Las Vegas will cost them a fortune so do not even regard this is an option for travelling. However, travelling experts claim that today you can get a place in an elite jet for less than $150. We are sure that you are curious how to do that and this is what our article is about. Try to stick to the advice below and travel like a star!

Be Flexible
First rule of getting a cheaper place with airbus rental is to be flexible in time. If you have firmly decided to go to Las Vegas for a girlfriend getaway, for instance, then time is the only component that will help you get lower price. The easiest thing to find out about the hot deal for your destination is simply call the company and ask about the differences in price for different days of the week, dates, and of course airports. Remember a little tip here: most frequently Fridays to LV and Sundays from LV are the most expensive for the airline tickets, which simply means that you need to choose other days, say Thursday and Monday morning. Moreover, hot last-minute deals are a great option, so wait until 72 hours before the departure and check the available sales for elite jet places.

Know the Market
Check the market for the best deals and learn about the options you have. Make sure that you go through websites not only of the major air companies in the county, but also check smaller teams offering private plane flights to Las Vegas. In this way you will be aware of the movements on the market to get the best deal from your traveling time. The important thing here is to monitor the offers you liked daily because you never know when the company may create a sale.

Shop Around
Do not be ashamed and do not save your time on such important step as calling several air companies and asking about the deals they have. You are trying to get to Las Vegas on board of an elite jet, no doubt, but remember not to lose head and spend more than you could. Call several companies and ask about the available deals. Then closer to the departure sate, check the last-minute offers, because very frequently you can get very demanding prices for a place in an elite jet only a day before departure.

Do Not Travel Alone
According to statistics provided by the professionals from NovaJet Charter corporate jet rental very few people travel to Las Vegas alone and the reason is because renting a private plane to Las Vegas is much cheaper is you are a party of 10 people or less. The price for each of you will significantly fall, whereas the comfort remains, because you are travelling to have fun!