Luxury Hotels Spas in Singapore - St. Regis Singapore Spa

Luxury Hotels Spas in Singapore – St. Regis Singapore Spa

While there are a plethora of unique and wonderful places to visit in the world, none can quite compare to the sheer cultural richness that Singapore can offer. From the sophisticated art museums and massive indoor greenhouses, all the way through to the tribal villages located on nearby islands, Singapore truly does offer a culturally diverse experience like no other destination can. They have some amazing luxury hotel spas. However, there is a lot more than just this that attracts visitors and vacationers each year, so join us as we explore some of these other fantastic features that make Singapore the ideal holiday destination.

Delicacies, Cuisines and Local Foods

 If you’re looking for a holiday in which you can enjoy a wide array of tasty dishes, prepared by some of the tops chefs in the world, then Singapore should certainly be your next vacation location. It’s widely known that Singaporeans love food, and have been refining their recipes over generations, but the real proof of this is in the fact that many celebrity chefs, as reported by CNN, have opened up restaurants here. These chefs include Joel Robuchon, Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali and Gordon Ramsay to name just a few.

However, even if fine dining at a celebrity chef’s restaurant is not your metaphorical cup of tea, you can still enjoy some of the finest foods around, as almost every local is capable of cooking up the national dish of crab curry. Additionally, with strict regulations regarding hygiene and food safety throughout Singapore, you can rest assured that almost every establishment you stop by for food or drink will not have you regretting your decision. And to make a great meal even better, the famous national drink, The Singapore Sling – made of gin, cherry brandy, pineapple juice and a few other tasty ingredients according to Cocktails By The Book – not only offers a kick, but is also dangerously delicious.

Hygiene, Courtesy and Politeness

 In the beautiful country of Singapore, both the government and the people strive to make it the most enjoyable place for everybody. In fact, it’s basically a social custom to utilize social peer pressure into behaving politely, with consideration and without malicious intent. This is evident in the strict laws against littering and other crimes that most other countries consider too light to warrant any serious punishment. However, while that could be the bane of some people’s existence, it truly makes the city a clean, beautiful and enjoyable place.

The Restaurant Association of Singapore is also vigilant in ensuring the best possible experience for both residents and visitors, and takes the burden upon itself to scours the island for restrooms that aren’t up to pristine standard – At which time they spread the good word of hygiene and bathroom etiquette to uplift and maintain the standards of all publicly accessible restrooms. This ensures that, no matter where you go, you don’t have to fear what the state of the bathroom may be, which is a surprisingly refreshing experience.

Events and Celebrations

 It seems that Singaporeans will utilize any excuse to party in the streets and truly enjoy life to the fullest. In addition to celebrating almost every important day for almost every religion of the residents – as well as some foreign ones too – Singapore is host to many highly popular events, with the first being the Formula 1. The track to this actually partially resides within the city, allowing thousands of residents to enjoy the live action. Additionally, it is the only race in the world that is held at night, which not only makes it more thrilling, but also provides the convenience of allowing all residents to watch after work.

The next event which attracts thousands of visitors each year is the Great Singapore Sale, or GSS. What was initially just a month long has turned into ten full weeks of shopping madness, with major label stores and independent shops alike slashing their prices. Just be sure to get a condo for rent from a reputable agency like PropertyGuru Singapore that is located close to the main district, so that you don’t miss out on any of the sudden major sales.

The third event that attracts visitors from all over the world is the International Fashion Week. The difference between this one and others in Milan, Paris and other parts of the world, however, is that this one is open to the public, and you don’t have to be part of a magazine, press agency or any professional organization to buy a ticket.

Unusual World-Renowned Attractions

 If the previous features weren’t enough to get you on a flight and straight to this utopia, Singapore also offers some of the most unique, bizarre and amazing attractions in the world. To start, they have a wide selection of islands that you can visit, populated by indiginous, tribal peoples. These people’s way of lives have been almost unaffected as the rest of civilization modernized, and is quite a wonder to see so close to thriving cities.

Another attraction that will certainly pique your interest is the world’s largest night zoo, which houses countless nocturnal species of animal. And with over 2,500 different animals that all come alive at night and become very active, you can be sure to see some species that you’ve never seen before.

The third famous feature is the largest indoor columnless greenhouse in the world, which houses plant species from around the globe and is kept at the cool 23 degrees at all times. Next door to that, as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Cloud Forest which, in a similar fashion, houses the world’s largest indoor waterfall. Of course, as the name aptly suggests, a mist can be seen constantly hovering over the plants in this area, and lightly resembles the sight of a forest within the clouds.

So as you can see, this beautiful country truly does offer something for everyone, which is what makes it the ideal destination for a holiday. From adventure in the treetop walkways and tribal villages to relaxation and excitement at local hotspots, there are few places that offer such diversity and culture.