Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like being stuck in one place for too long? Do you really want to travel, but think that doing so is impossible as long as you have to work? There may be an option if you can do the majority of your work online: becoming a digital nomad.

The digital nomad lifestyle is gaining popular among millennials and twenty-somethings who grew up online and have no taste for working in an office where they are confined to a cubicle. These nomads are working as contractors in industries like IT, design, journalism and photography. They go wherever they want to go, whenever they want to do so.

Success as a digital nomad requires three important things: readily available internet access, nomad-friendly places to work from, and an affordable cost-of-living. Based on these three factors, you might want to consider the following cities as stopping places on your digital nomad itinerary:

  • Budapest, Hungary



Budapest has a very active digital nomad community populated mainly by Western Europeans who want cheap living and plenty of culture to occupy their time off. The cost of living is very reasonable, high-speed internet is readily available throughout the city, and there is a large selection of co-work spaces. The only downside to digital nomads is that free wi-fi in the city is almost unheard of. You will pay for it separately unless you latch onto a co-working site that includes internet access in the daily rent.


  • Las Palmas, Spain



If you have ever wanted to visit the Canary Islands, Las Palmas is a great digital nomad option. The weather in the city is very amenable throughout the year, and the cost-of-living is extremely affordable. You will also enjoy high-speed internet access and locals who are welcoming to foreigners. The selection of co-working spaces is not as high here as it is in Budapest, but you should still have no trouble finding acceptable places to work.



  • Prague, Czech Republic



The worst part about living in Prague is the air quality. If you can get past the fact that the city is one of the more polluted in Eastern Europe, you can still do well here as a digital nomad. There are lots of opportunities for free wi-fi in the city and excellent high-speed access at co-working spaces and hotels. The cost-of-living is as affordable here as in Budapest.


  • Bangkok, Thailand



Bangkok is quickly developing a reputation as one of the more attractive digital nomad destinations in Asia. It has one of the largest selections of co-working spaces in the country along with reliable, high-speed internet access. Most areas of the city offer reliable free wi-fi as well. Even the weather in Bangkok is agreeable most of the year. The biggest downside here would be the language barrier. Be prepared to not encounter many English speakers in Bangkok.



  • Obninsk, Russia



One of the least expensive digital nomad cities in Europe/Asia is Obninsk. Everything here is cheap. From cost-of-living to high-speed internet access, you’ll find it easy to afford an Obninsk stay. However, do not expect much by way of nightlife, culture, or friendliness to visitors. The city is about as utilitarian as Russia can be. People here work, plain and simple. Also, be aware that there is a significant lack of co-working spaces. You will probably be working from your flat or hostel.



  • Jeju Island, South Korea



Jeju Island is more expensive than any of the other digital nomad destinations on our list, but not by much. This is truly one of the best places to go as a digital nomad. The cost-of-living is reasonable, there are more than enough co-working spaces, the island is very friendly to visitors, and the high-speed internet access is among the best in the world. Free wi-fi is readily available throughout Jeju city. Best of all, the interior regions of the island offer plenty to do by way of exploring nature.


  • Windsor, Canada



We rarely talk about North America in terms of affordable travel. That’s because it tends to be expensive. But should you be able to land some affordable airfare, Windsor is an excellent Canadian city for digital nomads. Windsor is in the province of Ontario and offers everything the digital nomad could need: plenty of co-working spaces, high-speed internet access, free Wi-fi in the city, a reasonable cost-of-living and English as their native language. About the only downside of Windsor is that the nightlife is not all that exciting, so you may want to check out things to do in Windsor.


  • Novi Sad, Serbia



Last on our list is Novi Sad. Like most of Serbia, the city of Novi Sad is still being developed as a travel destination 25+ years after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Internet access is very good at most hotels and flats, and many of the restaurants and cafés in the city centre offer free wi-fi. As for co-working spaces, the supply is adequate. What’s most attractive about the city is its affordable cost-of-living. Your money goes pretty far in Novi Sad.

The average digital nomad is a person who does not stay in one location for extended periods of time. Maybe a few weeks – or a few months, tops – before moving on to the next destination. We would recommend anyone new to the digital nomad lifestyle take plenty of time to research destinations before leaving home. Once you get going, it’s easy to lose sight of living inexpensively because you are so busy just getting from one place to the next.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you take with you the appropriate protection by way of travel insurance cover. There is a lot that can go wrong when you’re away from your home country, things that could end up costing you a tremendous amount of money to handle. A good insurance policy includes medical cover and repatriation.  Check through all the policies offered on a comparison site to get the best deal possible.

And there you have it. Now that you know some of the cheapest places to work as a digital nomad, it’s time to get out there and start travelling.

Night road against the background of cumulus clouds

Night road against the background of cumulus clouds





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