It’s no surprise that planning a wedding is stressful business. Aside from the cake tastings, dress fittings, and everything else in between, you’ve had an overload of input and you need to unplug. Your phone has been ringing off the hook with questions from the caterer or your wedding planner, you’ve received more emails in the last month than you probably have in your entire life. And of course you’ve been endlessly combing through Pinterest and other sites and blogs compiling ideas, from wedding décor to how you want to do your hair and makeup.

Though you can get some respite from the stress, as it’s possible to track the RSVPs and provide information via your own wedding website, you can take a digital detox after all this and focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Enter the bridal spa treatments! Designed to help take that stress away – or at least the appearance of it on your face – and get you looking picture perfect, you cannot overlook this crucial bridal step. So here are the spa treatments that you should include on your beauty checklist to help renew your body, mind, and spirit.


You should be following a good cleansing and moisturizing routine at home to combat any pesky skin issues, like acne or lines, and should also book a few professional facials as well. Try to book three months ahead of time and go once a month until the wedding day. Also consider following some of these skin care tips to get that beautiful blushing glow that every bride longs for.


Although your face will be what shows up most in pictures, you of course want more than just your face to look radiant. This requires a full-body routine. Aside from exfoliating at home, you should also consider booking a professional body treatment or full-body seaweed wrap to really give you that added radiance.


Work on shaping your eyebrows at least three months before the wedding so that they have time to grow back in a little if necessary, with a final brow shaping being done two weeks before the wedding. You should also consider an upper lip and bikini wax at least a week before the wedding to ensure that any redness will be gone before the big day.


For your hair to look as healthy as possible, you should be sticking to an optimal wash routine and perform some deep conditioning at home. It is also a good idea to book a professional deep condition as well, at least two months before the wedding.


Tanning is actually really important since you are wearing white, especially if you are coming out of the summer and into a fall wedding. You don’t want tan lines ruining the look of your dress, so either figure out a way to soak in some rays naturally, or start applying self-tanner at home and visit a solarium.


Nails are a big deal because a lot of photographs will feature your hands – ring shots, bouquet shots, etc. So you need to make sure that they are looking their best. Aside from choosing a nail shape and experimenting with colors well beforehand, you should also apply nail strengthener regularly to prevent chips and breakage, and you should have a regular moisturizing and cuticle care routine that you stick to religiously at least three months before the wedding. Your wedding day manicure should be two or three days before.


Once everything is looking as good as can be, all that’s left for you to do is relax! It will help improve the peaceful, rested look that you want to achieve in your pictures if you release the tension with a full body massage. Not to mention that you need it and earned it because you just planned a wedding!

Once you reach the end of your checklist, you should be feeling beautiful, relaxed, and ready for your walk down the aisle into happily ever after. Good luck!