I am so excited to announce to you that I have discovered some specific spa treatments at a few Florida Spas designed to address the issues of sun-damaged skin.  I have visited One Ocean Resort and can tell you it is extremely lovely and serene.  The floor to ceiling windows of the spa suites and relaxation lounges really set it apart from the rest!
Florida Spas that have fabulous treatments for sun damaged skin that may be of interest to many of you this time of year:  One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic Beach, Fla., and the Duval Collection’s sister properties in Key West, Fla., The Spa at Pier House and Top Spa at La Concha Key West.
All three of these properties are using Dilo oil to treat clients with sun damaged skin. Sourced from the Sacred Dilo Tree in the Fiji Islands, Dilo Oil draws sustenance from nutrient rich seawater of the South Pacific. Pure Fiji Dilo Oil is harvested by hand once a year and yields an oil rich in nutrients from it’s surroundings.
Pure Fiji Dilo Oil stimulates the growth of new skin cells, directs the skins’ own healing mechanisms to actively target damaged skin cells, boosts and protects collagen and elastin and soothes inflammation. Found only in Dilo oil, Calophyllic Acid is a fatty acid that stimulates the healing process and promotes the growth of new tissue – say goodbye to sun damaged skin.
The spas are using Dilo oil in their treatments as an after-sun soother too. The oil rapidly hydrates and soothes sun damaged skin while naturally and gently introducing a bevy of nutrients to stimulate the healing process.