What does Dad want this year for Father’s Day?  Dad’s are getting more sophisticated with their tastes and these days a tie will just not do – so what is a gift giver to do? Find below a few gift ideas that will help you find the perfect gift for Dad!
 FACT: RetailMeNot has survey results about what dad actually wants this year (41% of dads want an electronic gift!) and according to Zagat, dads don’t want to dine out on Father’s Day
Start dad’s day off right with illy’s rich, aromatic coffee and espresso. With luxury machines designed with form and function, dad can kick up his feet and relax this year with illy! Website: www.illyusa.com
Illy X7.1 iperEspresso Machine
Enjoy unparalleled Italian espresso and cappuccino with iperEspresso, the capsule system that lets you prepare café-quality espresso at home with the touch of a button. The beautifully-designed X7.1 iperEspresso machine features advanced technology including steel internal thermoblock, and a Pannarello steam wand that froths milk for creamy cappuccino and latte. Available in red or black.
Price: $295
Illy Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot
From the collaboration of Alessi and illy, the Pulcini combines the technological expertise of illy with Alessi’s impeccable design. This ground breaking moka pot is designed to enhance the coffee’s aroma, featuring a unique shape that is ideal to achieve optimal coffee extraction.
Price: $90
Only gift the world’s best for the world’s best dad this Father’s Day. From Tequila Avión, the “World’s Best Tasting Tequila,” comes Avión Reserva 44, the smoothest, most superior Extra Añejo tequila that the most demanding tequila connoisseurs and single malt scotch drinkers will fully appreciate. Created using a proprietary ultra-slow filtration method, Reserva 44 is aged for 43 months in an exclusive stone temperature controlled cave. The tequila is then aged an additional month in a specially selected barrel, which subtly refines the liquid and creates a deeper more complex flavor. Reserva 44 then is hand poured into a beautiful crystal decanter and individually hand signed by Avión founder, Ken Austin. Exclusively through Reservebar.com, you can customize any Avión varietal, including Reserva44, with a meaningful message, name or seasonal salutation. Give them the ultra-premium tequila that defines a new standard of quality and taste in a bottle that that they can cherish for a lifetime.
Price: $170m Available at ReserveBar.com
Give Dad the gift of a clean shave with the NEW Father’s Day Shave KitA membership to Dollar Shave Club basically guarantees Dad up to a year of great shaves. It’s simple:  Go to DollarShaveClub.com, choose a length of time for the subscription, tell us where to send the boxes, and you’re officially the favorite child. New for Father’s Day, the first box includes a three-piece collection to guarantee a smooth shave from start to finish with the Executive Razor and cartridge set, Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter and Dr. Carver’s Magnanimous Post Shave Cream. Razor cartridges are then sent automatically each month for the designated amount of time. Price: $45 – $140, Available at www.DollarShaveClub.com/gift
Options include:
·          3 months ($45 for 4x, $55 for The Executive)
·          6 months ($65 for 4x, $85 for The Executive)
·          12 months ($100 for 4x, $140 for The Executive)
On Father’s Day, most people assume their dad wants to dine out. However, a recent survey of 775 Dads nationwide conducted by Zagat, the pioneer of curated restaurant discovery and go-to for concise reviews that help you cut through the clutter, reveals dads don’t want to dine out on Father’s Day.
Zagat’s recent survey results show that…
·         52% of dads just want to stay home for a meal with their families this Father’s Day while another 14% “just want to be left alone.”
·         When asked about their ideal Father’s Day meal, only 14% prefer a high-end steakhouse.
·         29% reveal that “having to go out at all” is their No.1 Father’s Day dining out complaint.
Zagat’s tips for the ideal Father’s Day Meal (if you have to go out, because he really just wants to stay home)
·         Stay close to your pad: Save the fancy steakhouse for his birthday, because on father’s day a neighborhood joint was the number one option for dads that did want to go out (18% wanted something easy and local)
·         Call the Uber: 22% of dads said that logistics like driving were the reason they dreaded dining out. Do all of the planning, and leave the car parked at home
·         Make sure he knows you’re paying: 21% complained of having to pay the bill at their own celebratory dinner. You wouldn’t make him buy the tie that’s in his gift-wrapped box, so don’t make him pony up for the potatoes
·         Let him wear shorts: On June 19, a dress code is not happening. 10% complained that having to dress up was the reason they preferred a backyard BBQ
·         But seriously, just buy extra steaks for the grill, because that’s what he most likely wants to do
Treat Dad with some R&R this Father’s Day and give him the gift of sleep. Casper, the buzzed about sleep startup, will help dad get the sleep he needs to wake up fresh and ready to start the day. 
The Pillow That Stays Comfortable 
The new Casper pillow was designed to be perfect for all sleepers. The pillow’s buoyant core and plush outer layer combine to support any sleep situation. Because of its minuscule, silky fill fibers — 1/20th the thickness of a human hair — Casper’s double-layer pillow doesn’t flatten when compressed. Its breathable percale cover enables heat and air to travel freely, keeping sleepers cool and comfortable.
Price: Standard $75 | King $85
According to RetailMeNot, nearly four in five (78%) Americans will spend money on a gift for dad this Father’s Day, spending an average of $87. This is more than the $74 gift-givers planned on spending last year.
·         Family Fun Time: More than one in five (41%) dads are looking to spend time with their family
·         Electronics: While the same amount of dads (41%) are looking for an electronic gift (gadget or large electronic)
·         Gift Cards: Over one in three (35%) American dads would like a gift card or gift certificate for Father’s Day
Sales on tools, clothing and sporting goods pop up about two weeks prior to Father’s Day. Father’s Day sales at big national sports and outdoor retailers typically feature discounts of up to 30% on sporting goods and apparel.
Treat dad to this decadent collection of dark chocolate, bacon and booze from luxury candy boutique, Sugarfina. The Vice Collection 8pc Candy Bento Box includes eight lucite cubes (approx 3.25oz each) in a sleek black and gold foil gift box with a magnetic latch.
Website: www.sugarfina.com / Price: $65 for an 8PC Bento Box & $28 for a 3PC Bento Box