Upon viewing a report conducted by Travel to Wellness’s Editor Anne Dimon, who is a Co-Founder of Wellness Travel Media, the independent survey polled a combination of Travel to Wellness readers plus visitors to the Well-Being Travel booth at the 2015 New York Times Travel Show, I noticed Costa Rica as a big player in wellness travel vacations. Costa Rica ranked 3rd on this wellness travel survey. Costa Rica wellness travel vacations are here to stay! They also ranked in the top ten areas geographically on last year’s report too!

a3ec4bab6b7c360aad769668a8fa41b4Take a look here at what else the report says: “If perception helps shape reality, then the results of the second annual survey of Worldwide Wellness Destinations could be a forecaster of things to come.  At the very least, the results send travel agents a clear-cut message about what regions of the world consumers want to travel to for a wellness-focused vacation.”

Lately, I have been trying to take my family with me as much as possibly when I travel, since as the kids grow into young adults those together moments will get few and far between. As I was reviewing activities for Costa Rica family vacation packages, I did find something for almost everyone – luxury, spa and wellness, adventure and traditional family activities.

My family travels have taught me to get them out early, so you can exhaust them with experiences – then you can get a bit of “me” time in the late afternoon. So here is a typical Costa Rica family vacation day – After breakfast, take a guided walking tour through the trails. Give them a little bit of free time before lunch. Then in the afternoon, visit to Tortuguero National Park exploring the canals in small, open boats to allow a better visibility.

Yes that is a pretty big day, but you want to make sure you don’t miss anything while you are there. It is definitely not the culture of online culture of online bingo there. More of a laid back organic vibe for sure.

When you do find that moment to get away for a bit of wellness try the Arenal Springs Resort & Spa is located on the way to Arenal Lake, in a very quiet property. This hotel has at least 87 rooms (some with two Queen size beds – perfect for families) . Their Natria Spa has many spa treatment options including body wraps, hot stone, reflexology massages and facials. There are also not one but two hot spring swimming pools – one for the adults and then the kids get one all for themselves. The adult pool has zero entry for guests needing additional assistance.