Aside from the indulgent beauty treatments and fancy facilities, there’s something else that gives spa breaks that deliciously luxurious edge. I’m talking about the hotel bedroom – the impossibly tranquil décor, the grandiose bathroom and, above all, that majestic bed. Taking a spa break is all about relaxing, rejuvenating and recharging one’s batteries, and a good night’s sleep is a huge part of this. Indeed, I never feel more rested than when I’ve spent the night in one of those glorious bedrooms. Whilst hotels and resorts have vast amounts of space and interior design expertise on their side, there is actually no reason why we can’t all enjoy at least a slice of that luxury at home. Inspired by that unbeatable feeling of a great night’s sleep, I’ve come up with some ways to recreate the spa bedroom experience, starting with a simple makeover of the bed.

Let the Bed Take Center Stage

I’ve stayed in my fair share of hotel rooms and one thing I’ve noticed along the way is just how grand the beds are. They aren’t just another necessary facility – they command the room, more like a centerpiece than a practical piece of furniture. If you have enough space to reorganize the furniture, make the bed the focus of the room by placing it as centrally as possible, ideally in the middle of the main wall. Whilst buying a whole new bed frame is somewhat expensive, installing a headboard is an affordable and relatively low-effort way to infuse some spa-style grandeur; opt for dark wood or a plush upholstered variety depending on your color scheme. If you want to go all-out, you could even create a canopy-style bed by fixing a canopy frame to the ceiling and hanging some luxurious drapes.

Invest in Hotel-Worthy Comfort

Not only do hotel beds look divine, they also feel it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that spa-style comfort is the key to a truly blissful night’s sleep. If you invest in just one item for your sleeping quarters, make it a heavenly mattress. One that has been praised in many reviews for its superior comfort and affordability is Eve, a new generation memory foam mattress that regulates temperature and eases pressure on joints. Also available on Amazon, it has likewise been noted for quick and easy delivery – a welcome change from the usual hassle of mattress shopping! In addition to a good mattress, you can up the comfort stakes with high-quality bed linen; think white Egyptian cotton for that soothing, straight-from-the-spa look and feel.

Finishing Touches

With the comfort box ticked, all that’s missing are some spa-inspired final flourishes. Whilst posh chocolate on the pillows is probably not necessary, there are some hotel styling techniques that can definitely be adopted in the home. Keep it simple with two small cushions and one larger one in plain, light tones – if they tie in with your current décor, beige and turquoise are both highly reminiscent of the spa. Finally, bed scarves are the quickest fix for creating a sophisticated, luxurious-looking bed – check out these options for a wide range of beautiful coverlets and bed scarves to suit all interiors.