Most of you know that I travel a lot (make that a bunch) and sometimes making those flights require lots of guts (quick connections) and work (driving home after midnight). Well I just solved that last issue with my new glasses. You say how is that?

Previously, I have always tried to avoid driving at night in the dark as much as possible. Recently JINS Eyewear gave me the perfect pair of glasses a few weeks ago to help me navigate the night. The PERFORMANCE LENS DRIVE NIGHT glasses have changed my life.  Thanks JINS Eyewear!


Just last week I drove a few hours after an event to make it home to my own comfy bed along with my family. Then I drove from state to state not worrying about my schedule as the day progressed, since I knew that my night driving glasses by JINS would allow me to stretch my time available to complete what I want to do without a care about the sun going down.

These glasses help prevent accidents by reducing the brightness from oncoming headlights. The lenses cut the shorter wavelengths of blue light that cause blinding glare. They also give streetlights a yellow tint so their light is less irritating and you can see more clearly.

What is so cool is that you can choose any pair you like from the extensive supply and make them into your dream glasses.

I have improved my entire life with just one pair of glasses.  Check them out!