Carbonne's Restaurant at Aria Las Vegas

Carbonne’s Restaurant at Aria Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been famous as one of the top spring break destinations in the world. The Travel Channel named it one of the top 12 best Spring Break Party Destinations, for its college crowds and poolside celebrations.

But there’s so much more to Vegas than that.

In fact, Las Vegas can be a luxury-lover’s dream vacation come true, for spring break or any time of year.

While peak summer months can be hot, hot, hot, the average temp year-round here is a comfortable 69 degrees. Spring remains the best time of year to explore The Strip, with average high temps hovering between 78 and 88 in April and May.

If you’re looking for luxe, you don’t need to look far. Vegas is total glam, between the colorful lights, the dramatic fountains at The Bellagio, sweeping ballrooms, finely crafted cocktails and VIP lounges and architecture stunning enough to stop your breath.

The perfect coffee and the perfect view of the fountains!

The perfect coffee and the perfect view of the fountains at Lago!

You’ll find luxury in every detail, down to the most perfect cup of coffee or the details in your hotel room. Any room that has a foyer when you enter sets the stage for something special.

Beyond the physical features, you can also find true hospitality in Vegas — something that may surprise visitors who are expecting one big street party.

Staff in Vegas seems to truly enjoy its visitors; workers are trained to go out of their way to make you feel like you are the most important person in the city. No doubt, this town loves its visitors.

The new Tower Suites Lounge at Aria Las Vegas!

The new Tower Suites Lounge at Aria Las Vegas!

And it’s no wonder. You can find a cross-section of everyone here, which makes the people-watching a main entertainment highlight here. Stand on any given corner and you’ll see cowboys, trust-fund babies, romantic couples, families. And each person is treated with the same respect. One of the first things hotel staff is taught is to treat everyone the same. You truly cannot judge a book by its cover — or the condensed blurb on the back — when it comes to Las Vegas.

As a luxury-lover, I can’t believe I hadn’t been to Vegas sooner. After all I had heard, I was taken by total surprise. After being wowed by some of the top hospitality in the nation, I confess: I fell deeply in love (and OK, I fell in lust, too) with this bright and shiny city.


The Shio Salt Room was so relaxing at the Spa at Aria!

If you’re looking for a wild night, you definitely can find that in Vegas. But if you’re looking for true luxury — prevalent in the environment, in the atmosphere and in the service — you can find that, too. And in this case, what happens in Vegas, you will want to tell everyone about.

The Shops at Crystal have some of the best and luxurious shopping in the world! Sisley of Paris is now one of my go-to places!

Here are my top seven little luxuries found in Las Vegas:

  1. The perfect cup of coffee. I know; bold claim. But Vegas earns this distinction. Everywhere I went, I was amazed at how perfect the coffee was, both visually and in taste. From the amazing “purple haze” (named for its purple glow) espresso machine in Aria’s new Tower Suite Lounge, to a post spa treatment treat, my coffee was consistently presented with a perfect vessel, temperature and quality, usually served with a treat, like a cookie, biscotti or a honey twirl. Add finding doilies under my cup, and this southern gal was smitten.
  2. The hospitality. Impressive customer service was everywhere. From our limo driver to the doorman, everyone had one goal: to make sure the guests were satisfied and having an amazing experience. No detail is too small – as proved by the Aria inspired lighting as your limo door opens.
  3. The shopping. Where else can you find all of the top shops in the world in one place? The Shops at Crystals in Las Vegas is an impressive 500,000-square-foot mall with clubs, gourmet restaurants and some of the best brands out there. I was thrilled to find Sisley-Paris, one of the most esteemed cosmetic stores, which made me feel so welcomed that I now feel like I have my own personal friends in Vegas — and also my own makeup and skincare team.
  4. The accommodations. Vegas has so many lodging options to choose from. My tower suite room at Aria truly anticipated my needs, with a heated toilet seat and automatic climate control, day or night. A suite at Aria is true luxury in every sense of the the word.
  5. The spas. When you vacation, a typical person might go to the spa once. But in Vegas, that would be missing a lot. Each spa in town has different aspects that make supreme. There’s the best personal spa suite I have ever encountered at Aria, and then the best pedi/manicures I have ever received at the Bellagio. It felt like I was in Oz; each of my appendages had their own attendant. With a snip-snip here and a snip-snip there, I left feeling like I had been to the Emerald City itself.
  6. The casual elegance. While the city itself is quite the show-off, visitors don’t have to show off at all. Just pack what you want to wear. You will see all types of dress, from fancy cocktail dresses and heels to comfy threads. Most people dress casually elegant. I visited during the national rodeo, so I saw more boots and buckles than you’d see in an old John Wayne movie.
  7. The balance. In Vegas, you can find whatever you want. For me, that was the best French food outside of Paris as at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The menu here came close to Paris’s incredible Michelin-starred 114 Faubourg at the Le Bristol Hotel.

Some of us balance our lives better than others, but in Las Vegas, I was on a step-and-repeat type of schedule to maintain my balance: espresso, spa, sparkling water, champagne and repeat.

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A perfect spa suite to stay all day at the Spa at Aria!


A view of the world in your own tub at the tower suites at Aria Las Vegas.


Loved these slippers that allowed my pedi to breath!