Recently I need to run to Whole Foods, because we all know how much we are in love with it. I always head to Whole Food for my Gerolsteiner Mineral Water needs. So I was not expecting the day to be too exciting.  Well right beside of the grocery store was a Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa.

We all deserve a massage, but this week my shoulder was bothering me, so I decided it was medically necessary.  Yes I have learned to justify a ton in my life, but it has been proven that spa treatments can help alleviate technology related conditions.

Due to Spa Week’s great $50 Deals, I had become familiar with Hand and Stone Spa since they participate.  You can learn more about Spa Week and their $50 Deals on their website.

So what did I find there nestled just beside my regular shopping locale? An oasis. As I returned from the trip, I used my voice recorder on my iPhone so I could capture my thoughts as quickly as possible.  Here is what was in my mind after my relaxing “trip to the store”.

Remember you too can turn a regular day into something special with a trip to Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa!


I found a nice rainfall waterfall and birds chirping in the transition room which was refreshing all by itself.   I enjoyed the spa water and wanted to remember to get some as I left since it was so refreshing. Water is understood there, it is a big part of our health.  I was offered Stillwater or Coconut Water which I thought was a very nice touch.  Another nice touch was the towel given to me to freshen up after the massage.  We sometimes need to get a bit of that massage lotion off of our feet so we don’t slip/slip out the door in our OkaB sandals.  Believe me I appreciated the towel, since I twisted my ankle that way one time.

I found the massage table very comfortable. It was heated the headrest was one of the extremely comfortable I have encountered and we all know I have encountered a lot! I have been in some of the nicest most luxurious spas in the world and the head rest still just worked.

Sometimes we all want a change in our lives and we all know gals that do that with hair color, but I choose to do that with relaxation and boy I had chosen the best way to do that and fit it into my busy day. I have to stress to you how easy it was to visit.  Also they are very good at explaining all you need to know in case you are a newbie spa gal.


The massage I was treated to was the Hot Stone and it was so amazing. It started on my stomach and what was on my stomach. I remembered that the music was like waves (know you can customize the music & the lighting if you desire there). All of their massages can be customized with add-ons etc.

I have been massaged with golf balls, corn cobs, bamboos sticks and various other items.  Why do I know stones are better?  They retain heat longer and that heat aids in your muscle relaxation.  Those stones get the heat farther into your muscles for extra benefit.

Remember those ocean waves from the music? Well soon the massage was taking effect and I felt like I was on Spring Break having a massage out on the beach. That was a beach minus the prickly sand and screaming kids – it was the perfect beach.

Then as I turned over to my back the music transitioned and nature sounds fueled the room.  This part of my massage made me imagine I was in a Zen garden at some opulent English estate like Downton Abby.

Wow it was like I had been on a mini vacation – that all started with just a trip to the store.  Thank you Hand and Stone for making my day memorable!

Remember you too can change the course of your day that easily and Hand and Stone Massage can help you with their Spa Week Specials!