During National Sleep Awareness Week I wanted to focus on how much your skin loves nighttime skincare.  While you sleep the body rebuilds for the next day and beyond.  Try out these top products that I feel would make for a great way to refresh your complexion while catching some ZzZz’s!!!

          Amarte Overnight Express Therapy ($79): From the award-winning K-Beauty brand comes a unique, multifunctional sleeping mask that delivers intense hydration, firmness, and luminosity. Formulated with key ingredients such as Silk Extract, Propolis Cera, and retinol, greet the morning with skin that’s brighter, firmer, and suppler.

–          HydroPeptide Lash ($96): A natural lash enhancer formulated with a drug-free peptide complex that visibly improves the appearance of both lashes and brows by strengthening them for a fuller, longer, less brittle appearance. Apply on clean lashes before bedtime and let the unique blend of Biotin, Folic Acid, Hydrogenated Lecithin, and Lemon Peel Extract work their magic!

–          Arbonne Clear Future Soothing Overnight Mask ($34):  While you sleep, your skin repairs and balances. This lightweight mask can help too — it calms, soothes, hydrates, and even minimizes redness.  It also prevents impurities from settling into pores, revealing an improved skin tone and a healthier-looking complexion.  Key ingredients include sage leaf extract and witch hazel to soothe, sea buckthorn (a natural source of omega-9) to maintain the skin’s barrier function, and exopolysaccarlde (derived from marine algae) to help control sebum. This formulation is also vegan and gluten/cruelty free.

–          Merle Norman Retinol Night Complex ($44): Meet fine lines and wrinkles’ worst nightmare! This new nighttime serum is designed to fight the signs of premature aging while your body is naturally resting and rejuvenating cells. It features a ground-breaking, micro-encapsulated delivery system of Retinol. These capsules release on demand to deliver Retinol to the lower levels of the epidermis. Includes time-released Antioxidants to help protect skin against environmental damage, emollients to help retain moisture and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to improve skin texture. This anti-aging serum helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles and improves clarity, tone and texture to reveal a more youthful appearance.


–          G.M. Collin Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10 (92): Works throughout the night with your natural repair cycles to restore, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.  It revitalizes the skin and helps diminish and prevent signs of aging while smoothing the skin’s micro texture. The advanced formula contains a Bi-Retinol Complex designed to deliver pure retinol into the skin, perfectly stabilized and highly concentrated for an immediate and long-term action. Enriched with Matrixyl®, Soya Oligopeptides and Coenzyme Q10, the new Retinol Advanced optimizes the corrective action on wrinkles and fine lines, while delaying the appearance of new ones. Available for purchase at

–          CARITA Genesis of Youth Intensive Night Care ($290): is a revitalizing high precision treatment for skin that is tired, dull and lacking radiance. Divided into 3 highly concentrated serums (1 per week), this product works at night and progressively releases its power while skin regeneration is at its peak. Each serum offers a deep and cumulative action on the specific skin complex mechanisms that specifically drive radiance, the onset of wrinkles and firmness. Each step features innovative ingredients and complexes, and upon awakening, day after day, skin is visibly more youthful. It rediscovers a timeless youth which is not betrayed by the passing of time.


–          DECLEOR Night Essence ($140): A premium, aromatic and highly concentrated treatment cure, of 100% natural origin, envelops skin in a luxurious sensorial, silky veil. The 30-day cure recharges the skin to reduce signs of fatigue and refines the skin’s texture for a more energized and vibrant complexion. With regular use, the complexion becomes increasingly radiant. It activates the skin’s renewal cycle to reveal younger looking skin that appears more lifted and plump.