With Spring just around the corner and ski season drawing to a close, Jamie Costa, the spa director at Lake Placid’s award-winning the Spa at Whiteface Lodge, provides insider skincare tips on skin recovery post-slopes for fresh, glowing skin as we head into warmer weather.

·         Drink Water. Staying hydrated is the most important factor in keeping skin looking its best. Drink plenty of water and warm teas throughout the day to improve hydration. It’s a no-brainer, but something many people forget.

·         Apply a Serum. Using a serum before and after exposure to the elements will provide a more intense hydrating experience for the skin. Apply a good carrot seed serum, for example, with an additional SPF moisturizer after a week of skiing to return skin to its hydrated, happy self.

·         Exfoliate. Winter can result in too many dead skin cells hanging around, due the constant dramatic change of temperature indoors versus outdoors. Regular exfoliation will combat the resulting patchiness and smooth and prepare the skin for a richer overall look.

·         Go to the Spa. The best part of après ski is a trip to the spa, right? A great facial or body wrap will rejuvenate and nourish environmentally damaged skin. Some spas in ski towns offer targeted treatments for people exposed to extreme cold, harsh winds, and overexposure to sun. Our Great Outdoors Facial is the perfect 50-minute rejuvenating treatment that incorporates soothing Naturopathica products to leave skin hydrated and revitalized.