While looking up travel options by way of random googles this week, I was enlightened by all of the bloggers that were living their dream by day trading.  Wow – this was not something I had ever thought about until then.

I found blogs like the Wandering Trader and the Trading Travelers living out their dreams and day trading their ways around the world! The name of the blog Runaway Trader leaves me thinking of someone pulling off their tie while leaving a cubicle at a desk job and running to the airport with only a backpack and the clothes on their backs.

Salesforce: Woman in coffee shop on mobile and using laptop.

Wow think of all the additional spa treatments I could experience, if I picked up this additional skill..hmmm….  I am thinking St. Barth’s sound real good about now. Time to review my spread betting tips & how to guide. I can feel that ocean breeze already!

From the looks of the websites many are living quite grand and they look extremely happy. Most change locations every few months and never even have to put down roots. This is definitely working remotely! You can always find a comfortable coffee shop like my fave one The Wired Goat.

Travel blogs give you a look into the options in life all of us have to explore other cultures.

What are the top 5 things traders and traveling look for when they travel?

  1. Great WiFi (I guess that one is obvious)
  2. Electrical Adaptors
  3. Ethernet Cables
  4. Lightweight Luggage
  5. 1 or 2 reliable laptops

For a sixth you can add a great pair of comfortable shoes, but that is a must for all travelers.  I have a pair of black Merrell shoes that have been in over a dozen countries and they are still counting. Also feel free to check out these top new apps to help travelers too!



Well trading and traveling may just make it possible for me to finally head to one of their beer spas! I could think of things worse!