Well we all know that this time of year leads us to want to refresh our lifestyles and get back to what makes us feel good about our health and wellness. Well I decided to get back on my bike and ride both outside and inside at my spin class.  To get back started I needed a find my supplies – favorite hot pink water bottle, cycling shoes with clips, best socks to ride, seat cushion and one more thing – a trip to Walmart to purchase Poise Impressa.

This trip to Walmart included a trip to “that aisle”.  It is really not that scary. I wanted to be able to reclaim my lifestyle and favorite fitness activity to purchasing Impressa was my next step.  While on “that aisle” I realized that no one was looking.  Everyone in Walmart are looking for their own products and too busy to care what you are doing there.  All just want to get on their way.


Impressa is an internal type of item you wear to help with leakage.  It comes in a handy sizing sample pack that allows you to see which one is perfect for you.  ALWAYS start with Size 1 before trying 2 or 3.  These are not sized like your jeans and to find the size right for you – starting with size 1 is imperative. If you still experience leaks after size 1 then you can move on to the next size.

If you have any questions you can find your answers here on the Poise Impressa website.

So if you want to see how I got back on my bike – check out my video below! Have fun with your fitness and return to those activities you once loved!




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