Freshends at the Spa

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the countdown to romance begins! Dinner reservations? Check. Slinky dress? Check. Waxing appointment? Check and check. So what one item do you not want missing from your Valentine’s Check List?

One item that’s probably not on your list — but should be — is wipes. Whether you’re jetting off for a couple’s weekend or just spending a night on the town, you’ll want to look and feel your best when things head back to the bedroom. Before hitting the sheets, take a moment to freshen up “down there” with a product like Freshends. These flushable, gentle-on-the-skin, moist towelettes are an refreshing alternative to dry toilet paper that gives you the comfort of a better clean. Plus, they’re packaged “to go” in discrete pocket-sized pouches, so you’re ready for romance whenever the mood strikes.