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Have you heard of a drink called Taste Nirvana? I had not until they sent me some recently.  It is a Thailand-based brand of premium, healthy and delicious all-natural beverages. For someone that loves to discover health and wellness products, this was such a treat.  After first tasting it, I knew it would be my new go-to beverage for health and wellness.  What sets it apart from the others is the freshness of the taste.  This not only comes from the quality of what is inside of the container, but the container itself. You should discover it yourself.  See below more information about this taste nirvana!
11393436_10155625031640133_9091547344740135614_oTaste Nirvana offers a variety of refreshing and delightful products including 100% all-natural coconut water, Thai coffee and teas. The Taste Nirvana coconut beverages, which are available in four different flavors including the original Real Coconut WaterReal Coconut Water with PulpReal Coco Aloe, and Real Coconut Water with Thai Chili Extract, are developed and manufactured in the heart of Thailand’s famous coconut groves, known for having the best and sweetest coconuts in the entire world. The company uses fresh coconuts that are filtered, sterilized, and packed on the very same day as harvest; and add no sugar, concentrates, or preservatives to the beverages. These coconut water beverages would be a wonderful way to keep hydrated during short or long travels! 
Additionally, Taste Nirvana has amazing dessert coffee & teas including the Real Thai Coffee LatteReal Thai Tea Latte, and Real Green Tea Latte. These drinks are made naturally with no preservatives or artificial colors, are low in sugar and packaged in an environmentally friendly glass bottle that can be served cold or hot. The Taste Nirvana coffee and tea beverages are a nutritious and delightful way to quench your thirst and satisfy that “sweet tooth craving”!