As a gal that loves to get out and experience the world, one place this is definitely “in season” is a football game. Fashion plays a big part at football games and you can’t convince me otherwise. Some seem to even feel that what they wear determines who wins the game!  I never thought I would be shopping for something to wear outside and sit on a cement bench squeezed side-by-side with those that have their faces painted and bare chests sporting letters spelling out their fave teams mascot like Puddy on Seinfield, but to see the thrill of the game it is a must-do!

thumb.aspx-3I truly enjoyed seeing the styles that people can come up with to show how big of a fan they are to those that are also enjoying the game.  So I thought – what will I wear to the game the next time I visit a Charlotte Panther’s or a Atlanta Falcon’s game.  Both of these cities are my home stomping grounds, so I was determine to do them proud! So off I was to the NFL Shop website to shop for my new football fall fashions.

During my shopping for the perfect outfit, I came across some items that sure caught my eye! Did you know they carry Victoria Secret items that are branded with your favorite team on NFL Shop?!?! I found some great items for both the Panthers and the Falcons there!

IMG_1947Well I decided to take a break before I made my final decision on what to order to see if the rest of the family wanted any items. They sure did!  They was so excited to see the Falcon’s  tailgating products on that I had to stop them from filling up the shopping cart!

thumb.aspx-2Then came the time to order and I had to make my choices from all the items that were so intriguing to me and then it dawned on me.  My daughter was about to have ACL surgery and be immobilized for many weeks with “moi” as her nurse.  So I jumped back onto NFL Shop and found the perfect comfy Victoria Secret PINK boyfriend pants and tops, so comfy one would never want to leave the couch (especially when you can enjoy the game in that much comfort). Also I opted for a Carolina Panthers Nike V-Neck Performance Shirt. Boy have I gotten a lot of compliments on that – even from teenagers!

IMG_1986So this has been our life lately, comfy lounge clothes from the NFL Shop while we are recovering from the surgery and feeling like we have 50 yard line seats for the game. The view from the couch is mighty COMFY and WARM!





I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.