Yes we all just had Thanksgiving and all over social media everyone was saying what they were thankful for this year. Those of the SC Floods have already thought about what they are thankful for way before that once a year day.

We are constantly evolving into who we are today and those that influence you continues to evolve. Recently, I was influenced by all of my neighbors that came to the rescue of those in the SC Floods. I have never respected a community so much. Everyone was helping as if they were family. They helped in everyday the could. My family spent numerous day collecting dog food for those in need and for those dogs placed in temporary shelters until their owners had found a new home. All of these people have influenced me to think more about others and their needs.

So what have I done already? Started on my new year’s resolutions early to help out my community. So now I have something for you to do too! Please Participate in the American Greetings #ThankList #30DayChallenge with me!


American Greetings is partnering with United Way Worldwide as part of the ThankList campaign to give back during the season of gratitude. Every time someone shares in social media using the hashtag #ThankList American Greetings will donate $1 to United Way Worldwide. These funds will go towards hunger prevention.

There are a multitude of reasons to believe it works.  We live in a world with hurtful and scary news in social media and elsewhere and keep our heads buried deeply in phones. Also, we are seem to becoming more disconnected with each other. People seem to be be spending more time alone together instead of truly together!

  • #2: Research proves that simply writing down what you are grateful for triggers the positive health benefits of gratitude.


Be part of a movement that can be a remedy for those that are rude and thoughtless in our world. Help make this world a more caring and thoughtful place to live.

Feel the need to Tweet, Instagram or share on Facebook? Just use the hashtag #ThankList to start helping today. Call out those who you are thanking to show them you noticed. The more that can be involved the better. Your one small act could have a butterfly effect and be multiplied by millions to help make a huge change and kick start this cultural movement.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.