The Internet is awash with blog posts that succinctly describe someone based on a product. From what your favorite watch says about you, all the way to what your beloved Halloween candy says about yourself. However, there’s still room on the Internet for what your favorite spa treatment says about your personality.

Sauna Socialites

The sauna is the trusty treatment of choice for the business professional who never likes to let an opportunity pass them by, even during downtime. The great thing about a sauna is its revolving-door nature. People go in and out and soak up the steam at irregular intervals, meaning there’s a new face to get to know all the time. And, because everything’s so relaxed, people often let their guard down and become more approachable. That’s why the never-stop-networking sauna socialite loves getting up close and personal in the steam. The only problem is finding a place to keep business cards…

Mud Bath Kids

Mud bathers like to get down and dirty during their rest and recreation, and make a connection with Mother Nature. This ancient form of relaxation and cleansing has been around for thousands of years, further adding weight to the notion that is the true go-to treatment for children of the planet.

Body Wrappers

When you see someone undergoing a body wrap treatment, you know they’re serious about their spa time. This intricate process abounds with benefits for the mind and the body, but it requires a little more effort and expense than other methods on this list. It’s for this reason that anyone who prefers a body wrap is someone who demands more in life, and doesn’t settle for second best. Think of people who advocate the adage: “if you’re going to do something, do it right”, and you won’t be far off from imagining a genuine body wrap pro.

Massage Junkies

A massage is all about you. Your masseuse will dedicate 30 minutes to over an hour all to making you feel good. And you know what? It’s addictive. Massage junkies love being center stage and adore having someone fawn over their every need and desire. What’s more, the massage junkie always wants more, and to discover new ways of indulging him or herself. And with the almost countless variations of massage treatment out there, the junkie is set for a life of glorious rest and relaxation.

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