The London Tube is something very different than most Americas envision.  It is nothing like MARTA in Atlanta – about as far away from that as one can imagine.  It is not a New York subway, more it is a western train ride like at Tweetsie! The London Tube is a very efficient mode of transportation that would suite most ay one needing to get around London. Let it take you to the St. Pancras train station and you can then explore the world!

If you want to utilize the tube for most of your trip it is a smart thing to do.  My experience is that taxis are super expensive and slow.  The tube jaunt will not only keep your wallet fat, it will slim your waistline too! The first thing to do would be to make sure you look for a hotel near a tube station. If your travel takes you to the Hounslow area then do a search for hotels near Hounslow west tube station to get a good idea of what is available.

Of if your trip lands you near one of my favorite places to stay in London – Kensington, then search for hotel near there.  I found one names the Park Grand London Kensington that looks amazingly convenient and budget friendly. If that can be said for London! This place not only has what I look for in my accommodation – a Club Floor, but also an amazing brunch! Brunch just screams Mimosas!

Where will the London tube take you today! How about shopping? Can you tell that this weather has me dreaming of shopping in London today!?!?