What if we told you that you could make visiting spas around the world your vocation? Maybe it’s just a weekend break that you need to raise funds for? But if it’s something a little more long term you desire – read on. Instead of being just another person who dreams about their aspirations, why not break the mold and pursue your dream job? We can all think of a million reasons why it wouldn’t work: financial commitments, steady jobs, family etc. And while we are not saying it’s possible for everyone, it’s certainly possible for a lot more people than those who embark upon the journey of fulfilling their dreams. So how can you make it possible? What steps do you have to take and what preparation must be carried out so that you can begin your journey traveling the world visiting spas?

Save & Research

While the first step is glaringly obvious, it’s perhaps the most important one on our list. The bigger your starting fund, the bigger your chance of success – i.e. staying on the road for as long as possible. Set a deadline, perhaps a year or even two down the line and begin making cutbacks in your lifestyle. Cancel that Netflix membership and start bringing homemade lunches to work. How much do you really need that gym membership, or your car? All these things will go a long way to boosting your traveling fund and increasing your longevity on the road. You can use this time to research your route and begin making plans.

Establish a Web Page

The internet is your ticket to your dream job. Blogging and successfully managing a website is an ideal way for a traveler to cover their costs. There are lots of ways to make money from a well-managed website, and the first step is finding a provider where you can make a cheap domain registration. Hosts like 1&1 offer great deals. Once you have picked an apt domain name, you can begin writing content that will attract users to your site. This content ultimately will be reviews of the spas you will visit, which, if your site is successful enough, will grant you free entry. Once you have traffic running through your page you can begin pulling in income from various avenues.

Sell Advertisement Space

When your page has enough users, agencies will approach you to advertise their clients’ products and services on your website.

Build Brand Partnerships

This is a long term arrangement with a brand whereby you agree to mention them throughout the website in blog posts and the like. Like all forms of advertisement, these firms will come to you once you have enough traffic going through your site.

Sell Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are when you mention a product or service in your blog in the form of a hyperlink. The affiliate company will pay you for every click through of the link your readers make.

Once you have a successful webpage, the finances will soon follow. It can be hard work but it’s completely worth it. Good luck!