Becausemiddleseat“This post was sponsored by Massage Envy as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

There are many reasons to get a massage. The reasons you need a massage are not always those regular pains and aches. A massage can refresh us and make other areas of our life work much better.  Think of it as a bonus to your life. The time spent on you is important for everyone especially during the holidays.

Since this is the holiday season, there is not always a lot of time to go on a relaxing vacation and visit a resort spa. This is the perfect time to discover Massage Envy. I recently visited one and was so surprise at their amazing progress in the spa world. Not only can I find one more easily now, I can also find that they have up their Zen in the stores.  Some even have fireplaces and candles just to help you get into the spa day mood.

Again, don’t think you need an “excuse” to visit the spa. In other countries, visiting a spa is an almost weekly occurrence for all.  In Canada their insurance pays for monthly spa visits, even for the little ones.  In Europe it is an expected part of your health and medical care. Let’s show them that here in the US, we believe in our own wellbeing too!

The reasons you need a massage are just because moments that happen every day—whether it’s running late to work, burning Christmas dinner, or being stuck on a plane, life can be tough.




Massage Envy believes treating your body well shouldn’t be a luxury! Well they must have heard about my motto that I started in 2008!

Spa Travel Gal Ava believes that Spa, Travel and Skincare Experiences are not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind!


BecauseDIYSo I challenge you to take their challenge and mine this holiday season.  Do it for you, your spouse, your kids, your own life!  What could be more important than taking care of yourself.  I promise you will enjoy your new point of view after visiting! Make you and Massage Envy a priority for the coming!