Adventure for me is sometimes only as extreme as trying a new spa treatment, but my travels recently has opened my eyes to the benefits of adventure travel. Many times the country of Croatia has contacted me about exploring their spas, but I may just visit for another reason too – adventure travel! An adventure vacation in Croatia may just be in my wellness travel plans!
1.  Croatia appreciates amazing spa treatments!  Croatia’s island of Losing is sometimes known as the “Island of Health” Traditionally a travel destination for royalty, those who went there wanted to recover from their sickness or illnesses and wanted to boost their health and wellness, which make this one of the very first locations for spa and wellness travel!  The island of Losinj, in Croatia, boasts a healthy climate and still offers a variety of wellness travel and spa travel worthy treatments and indulgences. The nearby island of Mali Losinj (Little Losinj) is a tiny version of this, reachable by regular ferry but otherwise undisturbed. You can walk the island from coast to coast in around an hour or two. While enjoying your healthy hike you will discover natural pine forest, sweetly scented gardens and the healthy sea air. End the day with freshly caught seafood for dinner caught just minutes before your meal!
Free climbing 2
2.  So now you see that they are know for relaxation and wellness experiences, but here is how they are also known for adventure.  Adventure in Croatia is the ultimate rush, a true adrenaline filled adventure for even the most seasoned thrill junkie. If you choose skydiving, you have a choice of either urban or exotic. An urban dive gives you the views of the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. If you choose the exotic dive, the scenic region of Zadar is up for you.  There you will see amazing views no one on the ground can enjoy – just adventure travelers!
Aerobatic flights
3. Fun should be a part of any vacation and Croatia does not disappoint. Fun things to do in Croatia are easy to come by! The number one fun thing I would pick is the Personal Secret Service Adventure. I have wanted to be a spy since I was a child.  Maybe when your Dad works in the Pentagon it is just something one thinks about? It is a 3 day adventure. Day 1 is a panoramic skydive.  Day 2 sound more like my cup of tea. It involves locating an injured secret service agent hiding in the mountains. Your job is to aid in their rescue. Day 3 takes you back to the sky! Well maybe I want to be a white collar spy!
4.  No adventure vacation (link here within to spa travel gal) without some true adventure How about Tandem skydiving in Zadar? Not something that will every make it to my Goblet List (aka luxury bucket list that can be completed over and over again), but a treat for the true adrenaline junkies no less.  How does possibly just trying a tandem jump? Not your first skydiving rodeo? Then go single and enjoy soaring over Croatia.
5. As mention before you can dine on seafood caught only moments before your meal. Did you know how healthy this is for your body and mind.  Fish is brain food and also a staple of those in Croatia. Most every meal here will be good for both your body and soul!