spa pumpkin scrub (1)

Fall is in the air at the Waldorf Astoria Spa at El Conquistador Resort & Las Casitas Village, Waldorf Astoria Resorts in Puerto Rico. To give skin a radiant glow for the new season, the spa is featuring an Autumn Harvest Body Scrub, which uses a pumpkin-packed blend of sea salt, corn meal and pure pumpkin. Pumpkin is full of Vitamin A, C, and zinc to promote healthy skin. You can find this at a Waldorf Astoria Spa or see below in your own home spa too!

Well it is not every day we get to visit a Waldorf Astoria Spa.  I can attest to their grandness due to my visit to the Waldorf Astoria Spa Berlin.  I loved my time there and they had the best private dressing rooms ever with everything you could ever need to make your spa day perfection.

So if you don’t find yourself in a spa today, below find the Waldorf Astoria’s recipe for you to recreate a DIY Spa Treatment for your spa day at home:

1/2 cup 100% pure canned pumpkin puree
1/4 cup corn meal
2 TBS sea salt
2 TSP pure maple syrup
Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. To use, massage the scrub into dry skin. Let the scrub sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse off in the shower and towel dry. Store any leftover scrub in the fridge.