Sometimes you just feel like you need the best you know when you choose name brand over generic- when you have what I have deemed the “walking flu” recently or when it is your birthday and you just know you deserve something special – throwing nutritional value and calories to the side many times.

Well today after a month of Amazing adventures ranging from tequila tasting to rappelling into cenotes in Mexico to being invited to the Miss America pageant with my daughter (you may have caught her on TV in the front row as Jr. Miss Reigning America) to adding to memories of my youth at the Apple Festival where your daughter reigned as a Teen Queen of the Festival. I find myself in need.

My body is craving something so strongly take the time to indulge in a bath at home along with my IHeart Spa Station playing it finally came to me what best my body would was craving and where I would be today if I had my druthers.

I need a massage, but not just any massage. So where would I want a massage today if I could twitch my nose “Bewitched” Elizabeth Montgomery style? Would it be in Morroco? Madrid? London? Berlin? No today my body craves the massage I was lucky enough to experience at The Spa at Ballantyne in Charlotte NC. Where I received one of my Top 5 Massages ever! You know the one that not only leaves you in the Zen Zone, but also fixes all of your little issues (back, hips, shoulders, etc.).


So today I wanted to share with you what I have declared one of my Go-To Spas, The Spa at Ballantyne.  I recommend that you try one of one of their lavender inspired spa treatments. This luxury Charlotte spa has partnered with La Bastide des Lavandes (The Lavender Homestead), a private lavender farm located in York, S.C., to unveil an array of indigenous treatments. This is one of the most creative, unique spa uses of indigenous treatments I have enjoyed at a luxury spa.

Their lavender spa treatments feature locally grown lavender, The Carolina Lavender Collection includes a Carolina Lavender Body Wrap, Carolina Lavender Massage and the Discover Carolina Lavender Package (featuring both treatments). Following any of these services, guests can enjoy a complimentary Carolina Honey and Lavender Tea, specially blended with lavender tea and a hint of locally harvested honey. The honey used is harvested by an associate at The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge.


I grew up “robbing the bees” with my grandfather, so I think the next step for me is to harvest my own honey and have it used for my own spa treatment. Also included in my childhood memories are trips to the Southern Living Show with my mother, where lavender scent exuded from every inch of the event.  A lavender company was there yearly handing out free huge samples of lavender.  This was always during coat season, so months later I would reach into my coat pockets and discover a few seeds and the lovely scent.  I think this scent during my spa treatment at the Spa at Ballantyne helped produce my immense amount of Zen and Relaxation.

BallantyneSpa-1024x682“We recognized the need to feature more treatments to capture what makes the Carolinas special,” said Alicia Howell, spa director, The Spa at Ballantyne. “When we discovered La Bastide des Lavandes, we knew it would be the perfect provider for a local ingredient with natural healing effects.”

“We look forward to introducing our lavender to spa guests, allowing them to relax in a way that is unique to the Carolinas,” said Chris Pinard, owner of La Bastide des Lavandes. “At our farm, we are committed to applying sustainable growing practices complemented by Southern French traditions to enhance our natural products.”

The Carolina Lavender Collection includes:
Carolina Lavender Body Wrap
This relaxing treatment will calm the senses with the aromatherapy of locally grown lavender. The body is exfoliated with a lavender body scrub, followed by a lavender body mask. While wrapped, enjoy an invigorating foot and scalp massage. A lavender body lotion will leave the skin soft and the senses renewed. The cost for this 50-minute treatment is $135.
Carolina Lavender Massage
This light to medium pressure massage incorporates locally grown lavender aromatherapy, leaving the skin soft and the mind at ease. Enjoy this 50-minute multi-sensory treatment for $125 (or 80 minutes for $165)
Discover Carolina Lavender Package
This package combines two indigenous treatments offering pure delight. First, experience the Carolina Lavender Body Wrap, calming the senses and leaving the skin soft and fragrant. Next, enjoy a light to medium pressure massage using locally grown lavender flower products for complete rejuvenation. This 100-minute package is available for $250. (Service charge is included.)

After you finish your spa treatment take time to relax in their lounge, but then make sure to leave time to visit their Spa Boutique.  It is one of the best stocked I have seen in the U.S. It included another one of my Go-To products, FarmHouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini.  You will crave this products as much as you might crave one of its ingredients some days (watermelon, basil or vodka – your choice)! Check out my review of FarmHouse Fresh Watermelon Basil Vodkatini! Then head to their lovely Afternoon Tea to perk back up before you have to drive home!

As I sit here in Ballentine, SC at the Ballentine Chick-fil-A (free wifi) my thoughts turn to a different Ballantyne not one of chicken sandwiches but of Lavender, Honey, Relaxation and Zen! I will be reaching for my calendar now to see when I can visit again what I now deemed one of my Go-To Faves!

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